0874 - manifesto Anna

211: Anna

by Paolo Serbandini, Giovanna Massimetti

Documentary | 2009 | DV cam | 90 min.

211: ANNA tells the story of Anna Politkovskaja, a brave Russian journalist with a strong sense of justice, who was murdered in front of her house for her...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


All about me

by Eva Katharina Bühler

Documentary | Germany | 2009 | 56 min.

“All about me” is a movie on the power of the subconscious. Kamil is 32 years old. Nine years ago, he turned speechless due to a mental illness. Since...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

be water my friend 10

Be water, my friend

by Antonio Martino

Documentary | Italy - Uzbekistan | 2009 | Mini dv | 15 min.

“Things today are not as they were yesterday nor as they will be tomorrow”. This sentence summarizes the despair and resignation of the ex fishermen of Muynag, a small...

» location: GALZIGNANO TERME, Piazza S. Maria Assunta

Dirty Martini 1

Dirty Martini

by Iban Del Campo

Documentary | Spain | 2009 | 24 min.

Il Burlesque è il nuovo punk-rock, secondo Dirty Martini, che ci rivelerà alcuni dei segreti della sua arte nei night-clubs e nei cabarets dell’off-off Broadway di New York. Da...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


Gente d'Alpe

by Sandro Nardi, Giovanna Poldi Allai, Filippo Lilloni

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | HDV | 42 min.

The Alps are a world that astonishes the visitor for the beauty of places, people and animals; it conveys grief for the abandonment it suffers, but also trust and...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

I love benidrom

I love Benidorm

by Gaetano Crivaro, Mario Romanazzi

Documentary | Spain - Italy | 2009 | DV | 29 min.

La vita nel Cabanyal è cambiata dopo che la forte urbanizzazione in corso su tutta la costa spagnola ha fatto scalo anche a Valencia. Il progresso sta cancellando ogni...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


La casa verde (una storia politica)

by Gianluca Brezza

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | DV | 22 min.

This is the story of a house which has been left entangled – or maybe unexpectedly forgotten – during the construction of a new, big and public building in...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

La Presa_ok

La presa

by Jorge Rivero

Documentary | Spain | 2008 | 35mm | 16 min.

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

one goal 1jpg

One goal

by Sergi Agusti

Documentary | Spain | 2008 | DV | 26 min.

Football and Peace. When passion joins dreams. War icons turned into symbols for hope. The journey of the amputees' football team from Sierra Leone looking for their self-respect. Not just...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo



by Peter Mettler

Documentary | Canada | 2009 | HD | 40 min.

Shot mainly on board of a helicopter, the documentary gives a unique overview of the largest oil rig in the World: a reserve of bitumen with a strong environmental...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


Standing army

by Enrico Parenti, Thomas Fazi

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | DV | 75 min.

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


Val Grande

by Nicola Piovesan

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | Mini dv | 50 min.

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

Matteo Greco

Vituccio terra e canti

by Matteo Greco

Fiction | Italy | 2009 | DvCam | 31 min.

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini Pietro d'Abano


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