Gente d'Alpe

by Sandro Nardi, Giovanna Poldi Allai, Filippo Lilloni

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | HDV | 42 min.

sunday 18 july
BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

The Alps are a world that astonishes the visitor for the beauty of places, people and animals; it conveys grief for the abandonment it suffers, but also trust and hope for its inner vital force. Ideologies, political and economic powers, styles of living have come and gone; the Alps have changed too, the passing of the seasons have eroded their peaks and rounded them off, but they are still there. Certainly conditions are not favourable, but the People of the Alps know that that is the way it is, they do their best, adapt themselves, persist and survive without guarantees on the fringes of history.

Sandro Nardi (Parma, 1972) started devoting himself to cinema very soon and for some years he has been making documentaries, among which: C'era una rivolta (2005); Fungod (2007) in collaboration with Filippo Lilloni and Giovanna Poldi Allai; Scienza singolare femminile (2008); and Moderne carovane, still in progress.

Giovanna Poldi Allai (Parma, 1966), after her studies at the DAMS of Bologna, worked in Berlin as light technician at the state theatre Werkstatt der Kulturen; then, she started working in the field of documentary movies as a cameraman and assistant for documentaries shot in Albania and Kosovo by international productions. In 2008, she directed with Filippo Lilloni Madre.

Filippo Lilloni (Parma, 1971) started painting when he was sixteen, he got a PHD in literature at the UFBA of Bahia and a degree in films and television programs at the UCLA of Los Angeles. He directed many documentaries that won prestigious prizes, like the first prize at the Festival dei Popoli of Florence with HK Tale in 2003.

Sandro Nardi, Giovanna Poldi Allai, Filippo Lilloni
Giovanna Poldi Allai, Sandro NArdi, Filippo Lilloni
Giovanna Poldi Allai
Filippo Lilloni
Sandro Nardi, Giovanna Poldi Allai, Filippo Lilloni
Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
Mauro Rossi, Michela Leri, Michele Santini, Ulisse Leri, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti
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