International Short Films


8 et des poussières

by Laurent Teyssier

Fiction | France | 2009 | 24 min.

Yan is a young dealer without stable job. Francis is a security guard at night, temporary worker during daytime. This life, which he shares only with his dog, exhausts...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello


Betty B. & the The's

by Felix Stienz

Fiction | Germany | 2009 | HD | 13 min.

Tobias B.'s life is not crowned with success. A short man with no work and no friends and no smile on his face. One evening he come across to...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici



by Anna Treiman

Fiction | Denmark | 2008 | HD | 30 min.

Helene harbors a secret sexual fantasy of being raped. She hires a gigolo to fulfill her fantasy, but the rape does not go according to the scenario. Faced with...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

Double feature 01

Double feature

by Hyun-shin Mo

Fiction | Korea South | 2009 | HD | 14 min.

Yeun is a woman who projects on herself the image of her missing daughter. Her husband Sangwo works as a projectionist in a theatre and experiences difficulties not being...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

El nunca lo haria 06

Él nunca lo haría

by Anartz Zuazua

Fiction | Spain | 2009 | HD | 14 min.

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

En suspension 01

En suspension

by Fanny dal Magro

Fiction | France | 2009 | DigiBeta | 19 min.

Julie, a 30 years old woman, lives alone with her daughter Manon. Every day, she struggles to get a job and bring up her child. She seems to fight...

» location: GALZIGNANO TERME, Piazza S. Maria Assunta


Goodbye doll

by Hugo Sanz

Fiction | Spain | 2010 | 35mm | 15 min.

A car carrying a man and a woman is traveling down a desert road. The woman needs to make a stop, so they do so next to an old...

» location: TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna


Ich bin's. Helmut.

by Nicolas Steiner

Fiction | Germany - Switzerland | 2009 | 35mm | 12 min.

Helmut is celebrating his 60th birthday. Actually, he is 57. His wife, Gertrud, miscalculated. While the facade of his narrow-minded domesticity is crumbling, old friends pass by, facing Helmut...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello

01 Kalter Hund

Kalter Hund (How I got to know my father)

by Anna Porzelt

Fiction | Germany | 2010 | HD | 20 min.

Emil is celebrating his 9th anniversary without knowledge of his father. But Emil is (like all children) a imaginative boy and lets his father take form in his dreams,...

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini Pietro d'Abano


London is at the North Pole

by Drama, Comedy, Youth

Fiction | Germany | 2009 | HD | 20 min.

Since an accident in his childhood, the 15-years-old Peter is mentally disabled. He cannot read and write, cannot go on excursion without his mother and he barely has contact...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici



by Susanna Wallin

Fiction | United Kingdom | 2009 | HD | 12 min.

One thousand reindeer are left running wild in the northern woods of Sweden. They once belonged to Anna-Sara’s dad. In an act to take care of what has been...

» location: BAONE, Piazza S. Giustina, Calaone



by Sofia Exarchou

Fiction | Greece | 2009 | 35mm | 30 min.

“Mesecina”: 1. a music group – they both like it. A music group that doesn’t really exist. 2. a short film about an ill boy who meets a girl or about...

» location: GALZIGNANO TERME, Piazza S. Maria Assunta



by Karzan Kader

Fiction | Sweden | 2009 | 16mm | 23 min.

Quan is a story about a young boy tired of working for his relatives in the rice paddies and dreaming of a life where he is free to pursue...

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini Pietro d'Abano

Mathilde et Marchand (O.Vuillemin et JJ Vanier)

Sit in

by Dubreuil Frédéric

Fiction | France | 2009 | 35mm | 24 min.

Mathilde has been a victime of a mass redudancy in her company. She has 3 loans, 2 kids, and nothing else to do. What do you think a young worker...

» location: BAONE, Piazza S. Giustina, Calaone


The Advantage Of The Hitman

by Luis Moreno Bernardo

Fiction | Spain | 2009 | 35mm | 8 min.

Melvin is a Salvadoran immigrant in Madrid. Melvin is going to kill a man. It is an act which he finds no strange: after all, it was something daily...

» location: LOZZO ATESTINO, Villa Correr


Uwe + Uwe

by Lena Liberta

Fiction | Germany | 2009 | 35mm | 12 min.

A trucker’s encounter with a refugee family Grumpy german trucker Uwe happens to find a family of refugees in the back of his truck. His attempts to get rid of...

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini Pietro d'Abano


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