armando e la politica, armando [0]

Armando e la politica

by Chiara Malta

Documentary | France | 2008 | Beta | 73 min.

My father, Armando, has removed every trace. Today, he stubbornly denies everything. He must be lying. Or maybe he has forgotten. Since I left Italy, I am plagued by this...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo



by Miro Remo

Documentary | Slovakia | 2009 | DigiBeta | 24 min.

This film is the life story of a mother and her son Lubos, who turned the world upside down. Lubos escaped the world of people to live symbiotically with...

» location: TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna


Body parts

by Maria Kravchenko

Documentary | Russia | 2009 | HDV | 40 min.

Even if the War recedes its signs remain typed into the earth torn to pieces and into the human memory with its bloody prints. The body of this earth...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

-Catedral - Don Justo 1


by Aliocha & A. Rigo de Righi

Documentary | France - Spain | 2009 | HD | 19 min.

Almost 50 years ago, Justo Gallego Martinez promised himself that he would dedicate the rest of his life to the construction of a cathedral. He is now 84 years...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo


Cemetery State

by Filip De Boeck

Documentary | Belgium - Netherlands | 2009 | DigiBeta | 70 min.

The cemetery of Kintambo is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries of Kinshasa, the capital of the DRCongo. Over the years, the city has increasingly invaded the cemetery,...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este



by Marcello Sannino

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | Digibeta | 57 min.

Ciro is a young boxer of Naples. He is a mild boy who plays a violent sport; in his neighborhood, he faces the difficulties of life with tenderness...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello

Hanna e Violka Locandina

Hanna e Violka

by Rossella Piccinino

Documentary | 2009 | Mini dv | 56 min.

Hanna Korszla is a caregiver who lives in Salento with Gina and Antonio; she constantly looks after the elderly man, who is over eighty and suffers from the Alzheimer’s...

» location: LOZZO ATESTINO, Villa Correr

foto2_One day after the 10th day

One day after the tenth day

by Narges Abyar

Documentary | Iran | 2008 | DvCam | 24 min.

Brief story: This realistic fiction is about an old man when he was alone. He fills his solitary life with a camel, but camel to fall a victim to religious...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


The death of the gazelle

by Jeremie Reichenbach

Documentary | France | 2009 | DV | 45 min.

In the North of Niger, somewhere in the borders of Sahara, men are ready to the war. Under the threat of an invisible enemy, isolated by the world, they...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

1-On the tighrope (1)

The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia

by Inna Sahakyan, Armen Yeritsyan

Documentary | Armenia | 2009 | HD | 55 min.

Zhora, 78-years-old, and Knyaz, 77-years-old, were once the most celebrated tightrope dancers in Armenia. Today they are the only masters who can keep this art alive against the currents...

» location: BAONE, Piazza S. Giustina, Calaone


Valentina Postika in attesa di partire

by Caterina Carone

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | DV | 73 min.

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini Pietro d'Abano


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