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A Nord Est

by Milo Adami, Luca Scivoletto

Documentary | Italy | 2010 | DV | 44 min.

A journey in one of the most industrialized and complex areas of Italy, from the outskirts of Mestre to the Lake Garda through the Highway 11 – Upper Padania....

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

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by Elisa Frasson

Fiction | Italy | 2009 | HD | 18 min.

Elvira is 74, she is a widow but she does not live alone: she tries her best to look after her grandchild while her daughter is far away because...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello



by Luca Immesi, Giulia Brazzale

Fiction | Italy | 2010 | 5 min.

A woman is attacked by a disguised man in her own flat...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello

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by Giacomo Livotto

Fiction | Italy | 2009 | DV | 8 min.

A weird character does a weird job and looks for complicity in his own pet.

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

Andrea Zanzotto

Possibili rapporti. Due poeti, due voci

by Nelo Risi

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | HD | 52 min.

Nelo Risi (1920) is one of the greatest Italian poets of the second half of the twentieth century. Author of films and reports, after twenty years he goes back...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici


The Message

by Luca Immesi, Giulia Brazzale

Fiction | Italy | 2010 | 3 min.

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo


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paolini concerto a Este 9 luglio 2010

spettacolo Balasso a Monselice 25 luglio 2010

concerto Calicanto a Villa Beatrice 18 luglio 2010