London is at the North Pole

by Drama, Comedy, Youth

Fiction | Germany | 2009 | HD | 20 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

thursday 8 july
ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

Since an accident in his childhood, the 15-years-old Peter is mentally disabled. He cannot read and write, cannot go on excursion without his mother and he barely has contact to people of the same age. Especially in a phase of life where other teenagers think about their future or have first relationships, Peter is becoming aware of the fact that he is an outsider. By reading comics he flees into a fantasy world and dreams of doing something great to obtain acceptance of others â€- just like his idol “Spiderman”. But the reality is different. When Peter meets the 14-years-old Laura, in an idyllic open air pool on a summer afternoon, he tries to catch up with her clique. Even though his attempts are not successful, he is undergoing a development which is realistic as well as impressive.

Benjamin Huber was trained after his schooling as digital media designer at the enterprise Hubert Burda Media in Offenburg. After several years of practical experience, he began a lot of advanced training in the field of movie production. Since 2005 he is the owner of the movie production company Langmatt Media that is specialized in the production of short movies and motion pictures as well as high-class commercial and image films. The firm Langmatt Media supervises many well-known clients, among worldwide agencies of Ernst&Young, Hubert Burda Media and Herrenknecht. 2006 Deprivation (Kurzfilm, 11 min) 2007 Red Circle (Kurzfilm, 10 min) 2009 London is at the north pole (Kurzfilm 20 min)

Drama, Comedy, Youth
Andreas Klee
Andreas Klee, Achim Wendel
Michael Heinz
Achim Wendel, Andreas Klee
Peter Gromer
Lukas Krämer, Jana Müller, Tim Meter, Annalena Karl, Beatrice Bergér, Monika Noltensmeier, Dominika Weber, Ygal Gleim, Olaf Krätke
Benjamin Huber
Langmatt Media, In der Spoeck 10, 77656 Offenburg, Germany
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