The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia

by Inna Sahakyan, Armen Yeritsyan

Documentary | Armenia | 2009 | HD | 55 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

wednesday 21 july
BAONE, Piazza S. Giustina, Calaone

Zhora, 78-years-old, and Knyaz, 77-years-old, were once the most celebrated tightrope dancers in Armenia. Today they are the only masters who can keep this art alive against the currents of contemporary society. Envious rivals throughout their lives, they now share the same hope -- that the only remaining tightrope-student will continue their art. Hovsep, a 17-year-old orphan adopted by Zhora, has to decide whether to become the last tightrope dancer in a society that has abandoned both him and the art of tightrope dancing. And now, after the death of Zhora, his teacher, Hovsep's choice has only become more difficult.

Inna Sahakyan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with an M.A. degree in Fine Arts Criticism. Since 2002, she has been working as a producer and director at Bars Media. Inna has directed and produced documentaries and PSAs for UN, UNICEF, European Union, USAID and other international organizations. Inna worked as an assistant director for the multi-award winning documentary A Story of People in War and Peace, a co-production between Bars Media, the BBC, ARTE, WDR, and YLE. Inna just completed directing the documentary The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia, an international co-production with NHK, ITVS, YLE, SVT, TVP, and TV Estonia and is currently developing Another Cold War: The Battle for the Poles ¬documentary project. Inna is also working towards her Ph.D. in History and Theory of Art on the fine art of Soviet film director, Sergey Parajanov.

Inna Sahakyan, Armen Yeritsyan
Tigran Baghinyan
David Amalyan
Zhora Armenakyan, Knyaz Mheryan, Hovsep Beglaryan, Mamikon Papikyan
Vardan Hovhannisyan
Bars Media
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