Body parts

by Maria Kravchenko

Documentary | Russia | 2009 | HDV | 40 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

thursday 8 july
ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

Even if the War recedes its signs remain typed into the earth torn to pieces and into the human memory with its bloody prints. The body of this earth is burnt with shells and torn with mines, and we are the Parts of it. The characters of the film, the young Caucasian guys, are the children of the war that destroyed their childhood and youth, substituted them with sufferings and children’s memories with nothing to remember. In this black&white film past, present and future are mixed up into one colour of all times and nations – the colour of War.

Born in Grozny city, Chechenian republic in 1981. When I was three years old, my family moved to Western Siberia. First degree in journalism, State Saratov University (1999-2004). In 2004 I came to Moscow, worked in TV and press, and was enrolled in VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography) documentary department, class of S.V. Miroshnichenko, - respected figure in Russian culture, secretary of Cinematorgaphy Union of Russia, winner of «Emmy», «Teffy», «Nika» and other internationaly recognized awards. EDUCATION 2004-2009 VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography), documentary department, class of S.V. Miroshnichenko 1999-2004 Saratov State University, sociology department, dipoma with excellent grades PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2009-2010 - working on a new film “Diary of my mother” (52 min, HD, color) financed by Ministry of Culture and Cinema of Russia; 2006-2009 - Director on the Film Studio ‘Ostrov’ , Pervoe Kino studio. 2008-2009 – Director of documentary film «Body Parts»/ Studio ‘Ostrov’, Pervoe Kino studio, The International Red Cross Committee 2006-2007 - documentary drama " To kill gauleiter " (44 minutes), Studio ‘Ostrov’ 2007 - documentary film about Evgeniy Mironov (15 minutes), Nighne-Volghskaya film studio, 2007 – the television documentary t film " From Byzantium to Russia " (44 minutes), Studio ‘Ostrov’ 2006 Third Ukranian Dokumentary Forum and co-production workshops, by Leena Pasanen (EDN) and Fleur Knopperts (IDFA FORUM) 2005-2006 Director of documentary film “Collecting Shadows” (52 min, DVcam, color) financed by Ministry of Culture and Cinema of Russia

Maria Kravchenko
Maria Kravchenko
Maria Kravchenko
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