saturday 4 july

Centro Culturale San Gaetano - Sala Tortolina - PADOVA, via Altinate, 71 come arrivare

10.30 am

Peter Lord presenta Aardman Animations: a portrait of a studio

Incontro con Peter Lord, fondatore e regista della Aardman Animation che realizza e produce pluripremiati shorts e film di animazione tra i quali Galline in Fuga, Wallace and Gromit, Shaun, vita da pecora - Il film e tanti altri. Un viaggio nel mondo animato dello studio inglese, dagli inizi negli anni 70’ con il personaggio di Morph fino al successo di Shaun, la pecora più famosa della TV e del grande schermo.

Durante l’incontro interverranno: Peter Lord; Marco Bellano, docente di Storia del cinema d’animazione presso il Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali dell’Università di Padova; Francesca Ferrario, regista, animatrice e collaboratrice della Aardman Animations.

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Regista, sceneggiatore, disegnatore e produttore. È co-proprietario della Aardman Animations, che ha fondato nel 1972 assieme al collaboratore ed ex compagno di scuola David David Sproxton. Da regista, ha ricevuto due nomination agli Oscar per il Miglior Corto d'Animazione Adam (1992) e Wat's Pig (1996)) e, nel 2013, una per il Miglior Film d'Animazione (Pirati! Briganti da strapazzo); nel 2000 ha diretto, assieme a Nick Park, il pluripremiato film di animazione Galline in fuga. Da produttore, ha vinto l'Oscar per Wallace & Gromit - La maledizione del coniglio mannaro e gli Annie Award per Giù per il tubo (2006) e Il figlio di Babbo Natale (2011).

È componente dell'Ordine dell'Impero Britannico, professore universitario alla UWE Bristol e, dal 2012, presidente onorario dell'Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13 come arrivare

5.00 pm

Cortometraggi d’animazione in concorso



by Agnieszka Borova

Drammatico | Poland | 2014 | HD | 14 min.

Home is a place. A family. A history. Relationships. Home is a memory that forms a person. Maybe a dream? This is a story about a girl coming back Home. This visit brings a storm of chaotic, difficult memories. She needs to deal with them to live. What...

Storm hits jacket

by Paul Cabon

Avventura | France | 2014 | HD | 13 min.

A storm takes hold off the coast of Britain. Nature panics, things happen and two young scientists are caught in the tumult. Espionage, love and hope combined with mystical moments, enthusiasm and mess.

Between Times

by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata

Drammatico | Netherlands | 2014 | HD | 14 min.

From the wall of a small town bakery, a cuckoo clock recounts a day where bread was sliced one second thick, lovers fell in sync and time rarely flowed at an even rate.

The Centipede and the Toad

by Anna Khmelevskaya

Animation | France | 2013 | HD | 10 min.

In a faraway forest, the gracious, lissome Centipede is admired by all the other creatures. Except for an old Toad, haughty and jealous, who hates him. One day, he decides to get rid of the Centipede…

6.00 pm


Screenshot 1

Animata resistenza

by Francesco Montagner e Alberto Girotto

Documentario | Italy | 2014 | HD | 62 min.

The poetry that fills the hills of the Marche Region. A man and a woman walk silent. He has a red scarf. Simone Massi is a "resistant animator". He makes his films by drawing every single frame at his office, in a home surrounded by the countryside of Pergola....

Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi come arrivare

9.30 pm

Cortometraggi d’animazione in concorso

In case of bad weather: le proiezioni saranno spostate al Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13.


Messages dans l'air

by Isabelle Favez

Sentimentale | Switzerland | 2014 | HD | 6 min.

A girl falls in love with a boxer she can never hope to meet, but the letter-birds will change her destiny forever.
Will the messages in the air make her dreams come true?
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by Mike A Smith

Commedia | USA | 2014 | altro | 9 min.

A sofa-bound dog is shocked to discover that a whole world waits just outside the door... The maddening, unbreakable door.


by Mauro Carraro

Arte | Switzerland | 2014 | HD | 5 min.

A black sun rises on Leman Lake. In a surrealist backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of the dawn, hypnotized by the music of a cellist. 


by Alice Buscaldi, Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta

Animazione | Italy | 2015 | HD | 5 min.

Sicily, 1930. The task of a " Pircantaturi ", a character now long gone, was to lurk outside the house of an insolvent debtor: its silent and continuous presence in front of a door was enough to label the victim as a man without honor. It was a bad...


by Margherita Clemente, Lorenzo Cogno, Maria Garzo, Tudor A. Moldovan

Animazione | Italy | 2015 | HD | 6 min.

In a dystopian society, higly specialised labor is the supreme value . In order to obtain a better and faster production, the hands and senses of the workers are replaced by more performing technological prosthesis. But a surgeon, who specializes in these substitutions , faces a particular case, which...


by Aidan McAteer

Fantasy | Ireland | 2014 | altro | 9 min.

Bonry is a working stiff in a dead-end job, that is until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie...
AbsentMinded1 copia

La testa tra le nuvole

by Roberto Catani

Sociale | Italy | 2013 | HD | 8 min.

The daydream of a child during class is interrupted by his teacher. The grown-up "educator" threatens his pupil to cut his ear off to stimulate his concentration and prevent him to travel with imagination. 

10.45 pm

Omaggio Aardman Animations

Wallace Gromit La maledizione del coniglio mannaro (1)

Wallace & Gromit: La maledizione del coniglio mannaro

by Nick Park e Steve Box

Animazione | UK | 2005 | 85 min.

Wallace and his dog Gromit try to find out who is responsible of the garden sabotage that affected their town and threatens the annual fair that awards the golden carrot for the biggest vegetable. 

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