sunday 5 july

Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13 come arrivare

5.00 pm

Cortometraggi d'animazione in concorso

low_Tilly with Spiky Hands_Riboon_1

Tilly with the Spiky Hands: Ribbon

by Il Jun Koh

Fantasy | South Korea | 2014 | DvCam | 2 min.

This 2D animation centers around Tilly, the most mature girl in the world. Each episode follows Tilly and her odd looking family as they learn to understand the ordinary people they live and work with through a mix of slapstick and satire.
Foi o fio still 00

Foi o Fio

by Patrícia Figueiredo

Animation | Portugal | 2014 | HD | 5 min.

A yarn ball woman, an old woman who spends her days looking out the window and a seller of clothes that fall from the clotheslines, are connected by a thread. The three women lead the actions of other characters and the inevitable fate of a woman with her husband...

The little Bird and the Squirrel

by Lena Von Döhren

Animation | Switzerland | 2014 | 35mm | 4 min.

It's autumn. At the end of a branch hangs a red leaf. A little black bird comes along to water it. Suddenly a squirrel nicks the bird’s bright green watering can. The bird follows the cheeky thief. This is the start of an exciting chase through the forest. But behind the trees the...
Tempo Inverso 09

Tempo inverso


Fantasy | Spain | 2014 | altro | 14 min.

Alberto can travel back in time as he pleases and can therefore control his destiny. However, when he gets old... 

Sale gueule

by Alain Fournier

Fantasy | Canada | 2014 | HDV | 17 min.

Loik, a disfigured sailor, is posted to a remote lighthouse with Morlaix, a tyrannical head keeper. But soon, the two men find themselves besieged by a strange storm.
CloudyGoats 2

Cloudy Goats

by Hamid Karimian

Avventura | Iran | 2014 | HD | 5 min.

On a foggy, rainy day, a young lamb is lost on the mountainside. Alone and scared he hears the sweet notes of a shepherd's flute and a herd of goats come to rescue him. The little lamb happily joins them not knowing that they are all figments of...

6.00 pm

Omaggio Aardman Animations

Una tosatura perfetta

di Nick Park (Gran Bretagna, 1995, 31’)

Wallace e Gromit sono alla prese con un ospite non invitato che si sta letteralmente mangiando la loro casa. La prima apparizione di Shaun sullo schermo!

I pantaloni sbagliati

di Nick Park (Gran Bretagna, 1993, 30’)

È il giorno del compleanno del cane Gromit. Il suo padrone Wallace non se l’è dimenticato, ma il festeggiato scopre con disappunto quali sono i suoi regali: un collare e dei “tecno-pantaloni” che dovrebbero evitare a Wallace l’incombenza di portarlo a passeggio.

Piazza Maggiore - ESTE (PD) come arrivare

In case of bad weather: le proiezioni saranno spostate al Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13.

9.30 pm

Incontro con Peter Lord

Peter Lord, fondatore e regista della Aardman Animations presenterà al pubblico Shaun, vita da pecora - Il film, l’ultimo film del pluripremiato studio di animazione inglese.

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Shaun vita da pecora Il film (1)

Shaun, vita da pecora - Il film

by Mark Burton e Richard Starzack

Animazione | UK | 2015 | 85 min.

Life at the farm is getting boring and Shaun makes a plan to take a day off from the Farmer, but things don't turn out as he expected. The Farmer gets lost in the city with the dog Blitzer and Shaun decides to look for them with the rest...

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