thursday 9 july

Fattoria Frassanelle Papafava - ROVOLON (PD), via Frassanelle, 14 come arrivare

9.00 pm

Degustazione di vini e prodotti delle aziende di Rovolon

9.30 pm

Film in concorso


Corso Dante

by Gianni Saponara

Drammatico | Italy | 2013 | HD | 12 min.

A ruthless businessman relives his life on the day of his own funeral. A cynical undertaker accompanies him along the road of his last travel. In the background, the sad procession of villagers who don't know about the heavy burden that the man has left for them... 
father's day (1)

Father's Day

by Kacper Lisowski

Fiction | Poland | 2014 | HD | 30 min.

The central character of Father's Day is Marcel, a punk rock musician. Although he’s already passed the forty-year mark, he still hasn’t settled down. Following the slogan ‘no future’, he lives from concert to concert and from party to party. Then, one evening, he meets Basia, an old friend....

Il mondo di Nermina

by Vittoria Fiumi

Documentario | Italy, Switzerland, Germany | 2014 | HD | 54 min.

Nermina survived the 1992 massacre in which many members of her family were killed. She has come back to live in her native village with her husband and children. She farms and breeds cows, the only means she has of making a living. Her two daughters, Almedina and Melisa,...

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