friday 3 july

Piazza Maggiore - ESTE (PD) come arrivare

8.00 pm

Inaugurazione del festival con degustazione di vini in collaborazione con Salotto 38

Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi come arrivare

9.30 pm

Omaggio Aardman Animations

Peter Lord presenta i suoi cortometraggi candidati agli Oscar e alcuni episodi della fortunata serie inglese che vede protagonista Morph, uno dei suoi primi personaggi animati.

Adam di Peter Lord (Animaz., Gran Bretagna, 1991, 6’)

Wat’s Pig di Peter Lord (Animaz., Gran Bretagna, 1996, 11’)

The Morph Files di Peter Lord

Sloped World, Magic, Selfie, Twinned Desk, Two Holes

followed by

Cortometraggi di animazione in concorso

In case of bad weather: le proiezioni saranno spostate al Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13.


Juste de l'Eau

by Carlos De Carvalho

Drammatico | France | 2014 | HD | 5 min.

The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return....

A Single Life

by Job, Joris & Marieke

Commedia | Netherlands | 2014 | HD | 2 min.

When playing a mysterious vinyl single, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her life.
3K Crew

Trzej Krolowie

by Anna Blaszczyk

Avventura | Poland | 2014 | HD | 8 min.

An animated short film based on a pastoral from “Pastorals and Carols with melodies”, published in Cracow in 1843. Three Kings: naive Gaspar, shy Melchior and nervous Balthasar embark on a journey following the light of the Star… The film refers to a biblical parable but it’s free of...


by Ulrich Totier

Animation | France | 2013 | HD | 9 min.

In an empty, timeless setting, funny little figures wander around with no apparent purpose... until a stone falls from the sky. What they do with it reveals the true nature of these odd creatures...
Man on the chair_01

Man on the chair

by Dahee Jeong

Animazione | France/Korea | 2014 | HD | 7 min.

The man on the chair is tormented and constantly doubts his very own existence. It is just merely a picture that I created... Could I also be an image crafted by others?
baths (1)


by Tomek Ducki

Animation | Poland | 2013 | HD | 4 min.

Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time they are diving deeper than usual.  “Baths” is a short film about the dynamics of life based on a dualistic philosophy, constantly oscillating between two extremes: fantasy and reality, life and death, body and consciousness, past...

Betty's Blues

by Rémi Vandenitte

Animazione | 2013 | HD | 12 min.

A young guitarist tries his luck in an old blues dive in Louisiana. He remembers the legend of, in the New Orleans of the 1920's, a story of love and revenge.
Don Miguel 1

Don Miguel

by Kote Camacho

Drammatico | Spain | 2014 | HD | 6 min.

Eugenio enters Don Miguel's shop with an axe. The man just has to sign a few papers that will allow Eugenio to get a loan from the bank. However, instead of signing and making Eugenio happy, Don Miguel proposes a deal. 
Sous tes doigts (1)

Sous tes doigts

by Marie-Christine Courtès

Storico | France | 2014 | HD | 13 min.

The day of the cremation of her grand mother, Emilie, a young mixed-race Asian girl, buries herself into her grandmother memories. She discovers the Indochina of Hoa, her romantic encounter with Jacques (a French colon), the birth of Linh (Emilie's mother) and her tragic departure to France in 1956. She...


by Emma McCann

Animation | United Kingdom | 2014 | HD | 8 min.

Bruce the gritter unwittingly makes an enemy as he carries out his job, clearing the roads of snow.
PALM ROT_Gillis_Still 3b

Palm Rot

by Ryan Gillis

Animation | USA | 2014 | HD | 8 min.

An old crop-duster discovers a mysterious crate floating in the Florida Everglades, and it ruins his day.

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