by Alice Buscaldi, Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta

Animazione | Italy | 2015 | HD | 5 min.

Date saturday 4 july

Location Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi


Sicily, 1930. The task of a " Pircantaturi ", a character now long gone, was to lurk outside the house of an insolvent debtor: its silent and continuous presence in front of a door was enough to label the victim as a man without honor. It was a bad day when the “pircantaturi” appeared in front of the house of Pino and his ruthless wife....


Alice Buscaldi was born in Genova in 1992 and currently works as freelance at Cartoon Network in London. 

Angela Conigliaro was born in Parlermo in 1989 and has moved to London where she works as illustrator. 

Lorenzo Fiesta comes from Milan. After a year at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera he moved to Turin. Picanturi is his graduation work for CSC of Turin. 

Alice Buscaldi, Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta

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