friday 10 july

Passo delle Fiorine (Monte della Madonna) - TEOLO (PD), via Monte della Madonna come arrivare

9.00 pm

Degustazione di vini e prodotti del territorio a cura:
- dell'Azienda I Castagnucoli,
- della ProLoco di Teolo.

9.30 pm

Film in concorso

La proiezione è sul prato, portatevi una coperta.

In case of bad weather: la proiezione verrà annullata.

Artun still 1


by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Fiction | Iceland | 2014 | HD | 20 min.

A coming-of-age story of a young boy who longs for his first kiss. 

Russian Roulette

by Ben Aston

Commedia | United Kingdom | 2014 | HD | 5 min.

London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette...

Myrna the Monster

by Ian Samuels

Animazione | USA | 2015 | HD | 14 min.

A heartbroken alien dreamer from the moon transitions into young adult life in Los Angeles like any other 20something.

Big Up

by Julie-Anne Roth

Fiction | France | 2014 | HD | 20 min.

Ten days in Romy's life, a thirty-six-years-old woman. A few months earlier, her mother broke up with her. Since then, Romy has no news from her. This absence forms the pattern of Romy's life. Ten days of a legal and administrative marathon, that turns obsessional, to get a mother...

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Omaggio a Piero Tortolina

Anche quest’anno vogliamo ricordare Piero Tortolina, grande e insuperato “amante di cinema”, animatore culturale e collezionista di capolavori introvabili, con la proiezione di Le catene della colpa di Jacques Tourneur.

Annex - Mitchum, Robert (Out of the Past)_05

Le catene della colpa

by Jacques Tourneur

Film | USA | 1947 | 97 min.

A private eye has retired to a small town in the province but he can't escape his past when his ex-employer and his wife, who is also his ex-lover, force him into a fatal trap. One of the highest examples of noir of the Forties, full of the typical...

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