friday 17 july

Esedra San Francesco Saverio - Villa Duodo - MONSELICE (PD), via Sette Chiese, 4 come arrivare

Servizio gratuito di bus navetta dalle 21:00 con partenza dall’ufficio turistico.

In case of bad weather: la proiezione sarà spostata nell'aula Aldo Businaro al Castello di Monselice.

9.30 pm

Film in concorso



by Sarah Arnold

Drammatico | France | 2014 | altro | 29 min.

How does history affect us? After completing her PHD thesis on The Unknown Soldier, Adèle returns to her rural hometown to look after her grandfather. Like a modern-day Antigone, her grandfather is a rebellious writer who has secretly kept the remains of a soldier from World War I buried...

Doppia luce

by Laszlo Barbo

Drammatico | Italy | 2014 | 15 min.

Francesca Swart is a PI with a gift: the contact with people and objects evokes in her random visions. As she looks into her past, Francesca finds out secrets that she should never have unveiled. 


SMOKINGS_di Michele Fornasero_I fratelli Messina nella fabbrica Yesmoke


by Michele Fornasero

Documentario | Italy/Switzerland | 2014 | HD | 96 min.

The Messina brothers are the founders of Yesmoke, a little tobacco company based in Turin, Italy. Originally Yesmoke was an online store for cheap cigarettes, selling mainly Philip Morris to millions of customers around the world. When sales reached over one hundred million a year, "Big Tobacco" sued them...

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