saturday 18 july

Palazzo della Loggetta - MONSELICE (PD), via del Santuario, 6 come arrivare

5.00 pm

Film in concorso

Marc Jacobs_001

Marc Jacobs

by Sam de Jong

Fiction | Netherlands | 2013 | 17 min.

Soufyane's parents are divorced. When his dad invites him to Morocco, the boy is excited at the idea of visiting a place he's never been to with a father he almost never gets to see. 


by Martin Edralin

Drammatico | Canada | 2014 | HD | 15 min.

A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him.


by Byoung-gon Moon

Fiction | South Korea | 2013 | HD | 13 min.

A woman works as cashier at an illegal gambling house stealing money from her clients to pay her own debts.  


The Brick 1

The Brick

by Htoo Tay Zar, Min Thu Aung, Htuu Lou Rae, Yan Naing Kho, Zin No No Zaw

Documentary | Poland | 2013 | HD | 15 min.

90-minutes-drive away from Yangon - Burma's main city - there is a village in which the whole population’s main activity is dedicated to the manufacture of bricks. These people - men, women, children - are devoting their lives to this demanding task, becoming part of an impressive working chain....

6.00 pm



Comme une envie de moustache

by Matthias Desmarres

Documentario | Belgium | 2014 | HD | 54 min.

The mustache is endangered! For centuries, it was a sign of virility and authority. Full of humourous yet sensible investigation, seriously researched, entertaining and instructive, featuring mustache champions, popular icons, specialists and a rich palette of archives, the film proposes a rediscovery of mustache history and of its evolution: an offbeat and...

Esedra San Francesco Saverio - Villa Duodo - MONSELICE (PD), via Sette Chiese, 4 come arrivare

9.30 pm

Premiazioni e proiezione dei film premiati

Servizio gratuito di bus navetta dalle 21:00 con partenza dall’ufficio turistico.

In case of bad weather: le premiazioni saranno spostate a domenica 19 luglio alle ore 19.00 nell'aula Aldo Businaro al Castello di Monselice.

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