Animata resistenza

by Francesco Montagner e Alberto Girotto

Documentario | Italy | 2014 | HD | 62 min.

Date saturday 4 july

Location Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13

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The poetry that fills the hills of the Marche Region. A man and a woman walk silent. He has a red scarf. Simone Massi is a "resistant animator". He makes his films by drawing every single frame at his office, in a home surrounded by the countryside of Pergola. Simone tells us about his land, his ancestors, the lost rural culture. Small stories forgotten by History. 


Alberto Girotto (Treviso, 1989) gradutated from the Libera Università del Cinema in Rome. He directed, edited and shot 8 short music videos for the series Italia precaria by the band Disturbati dalla Cuiete along with other music videos for the same band. Piccola Cucina Cannibale was presented at the 2012 Zebra Poetry Film Festival, at the 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge (2013), at the 18. Internationales Lyrikertreffen Münster (2013) and at the 4th Doctorclip Roma Film Festival (2013). From 2013 he is a member of the ChorusOut audiovisual section of the Fucina del Corāgo.


Francesco Montagner (Treviso, 1989), graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Trento. In 2010 he started a collaboration with the association for contemporary art Fucina del Corāgo working on theatre performances directed by Ketty Adenzato and audiovisual projects for the ChorusOut Section. Since 2013 he's been studying Documentary Film Directing at the Filmová a televizní fakulta Akademie múzických umění v Praze (FAMU). Animata Resistenza is his first feature documentary film as producer and co-director. 


Francesco Montagner e Alberto Girotto
Francesco Montagner
Francesco Montagner, Alberto Girotto
Alberto Girotto
Francesco Montagner, Alberto Girotto
Lorenzo Danesin

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