Possibili rapporti. Due poeti, due voci

by Nelo Risi

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | HD | 52 min.

friday 9 july
ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

Nelo Risi (1920) is one of the greatest Italian poets of the second half of the twentieth century. Author of films and reports, after twenty years he goes back to direction in order to meet Andrea Zanzotto. The film focuses on the close and peculiar dialogue between two great men of European culture. The setting is Pieve di Soligo (Veneto), the place where Zanzotto was born and spent most of his life. It is the meeting between two different personalities; Zanzotto, the hermetic and retiring poet and Risi, the traveller endowed with a concrete writing, inspired by the things of the world. The two men have known each other for ages but have spent few time together; deciding to meet nowadays, they will find out to have more things in common than they thought.

Nelo Risi (Milan, 1920) He starts his apprenticeship in 1948 with Richard Leacock and John Ferno, two camera operators for Robert J. Flaherty e Joris Ivens. After living in Paris for a while, in the 50s Risi comes back to Italy. Since then he has never stopped working on cinema and writing, showing an amazing eclecticism. His poetical works and his unforgettable films are considered unquestioned masterpieces of the twentieth century. Among his books we can mention: Pensieri elementari (1961), Dentro la sostanza (1965), Di certe cose (1970), Le risonanze (1987), Altro da Dire (2000), Ruggine (2004), Né il giorno né l’ora (2008). Among his memorable documentaries: “I fratelli Rosselli” e “Il delitto Matteotti” e il film “Andremo in città” (1966). Nel 1968 Risi realizza il suo film forse più conosciuto, “Diario di una schizofrenica”.

Nelo Risi
Nelo Risi
Nelo Risi
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