friday 7 july

Esedra San Francesco Saverio - Villa Duodo - MONSELICE (PD), via Sette Chiese, 4 come arrivare

9.30 pm

Films in Competition:

Moby Dick (1)

Moby Dick

by Nicola Sorcinelli

Italy | 2017 | 14 min.

Two parallel journeys, Bianca's and a young illegal immigrant's, end up overlapping, in search of an impossible salvation, despite...
Timecode (1)


by Juanjo Giménez

2016 | HD | 15 min.

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.
The Magic Hedge (1)

The Magic Hedge

by Frederic Moffet

2016 | HDV | 9 min.

The Magic Hedge explores a bird sanctuary located on a former Cold War Nike missile site on the north...
21 x NYC (1)

21 x New York

by Piotr Stasik

2016 | HD | 70 min.

"21 x New York” is an intimate portrait of the city and its people. We meet the characters in...

In case of bad weather:
la proiezione si svolgeranno nell'Aula Aldo Businaro c/o Castello di Monselice: viale Santuario, 11 – Monselice (PD).