Festival 2008

locandina festival emm 2008

The audience, attentive and hearty, has followed the kermesse and the 40 competition works, splitted in 4 sections, dedicated to the Italian and Foreign short film, to the Documentary and to Animation. Works coming from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, France, Spain, Great Britain and Singapore met the Italian filmography in the dealt with subjects.

Integration, multiculturalism, the problems linked to work, family and the precariousness which invades and involves every aspect of the life of the modern man have been the centre of attention of documentaries, short films and animation films.

Recent events mingled with private life bestowing a global connotation, nevertheless deeply bound to the territory.

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Best Italian Short Film

VIETATO FERMASI by Pierluigi Ferrandini

Best International Short Film

ELVIS AND I by Michael Sommer

Best Documentary

KESAN LAPSI (Summerchild) by Iris Olsson
THE DESERT CHRONICLES by Frederick Jan Depickere and Pablo Castilla

Best Animation Short Film

STYRI by Ivana Sebestova

Special Mention

AUFRECHT STEHEN by Hannah Schweier (short film)
BROTHERS by Isabel Grunwald (documentary)

Audience award

TONY ZOREIL by Valentin Potier
LA PREZIOSA ANIMA DI FAUSTO by Astutillo Smeriglia
LAS GAFAS by Alberto García Martín