by Tomasz Popakul

2016 | HD | 14 min.

Date saturday 1 july

Location Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi

‘Black’ (‘黒’) tells about a pair of astronauts trapped on an orbital space station because of a nuclear war that erupted unexpectedly on Earth. They lost contact with Earth and all attempts to communicate with their base or anybody else have failed. All they can do now is watch nuclear explosions taking place on the surface of the Earth and try to survive together somehow...


Tomasz Popakul – born in 1986, graduated from the Arts High School in Szczecin, specialization in printmaking. He received a Master of Arts degree in animation from the Łódź Film School, where he also studied scriptwriting for a year. He was one of the three artists selected for the Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2014 residency programme by Japan Image Council (JAPIC). He made 8 short animated films; his latest short ‘Ziegenort’ was screened and acclaimed at various film festivals all around the world.

Tomasz Popakul