Thy Father's Chair

by Antonio Tibaldi, Alex Lora

2016 | HD | 74 min.

Date tuesday 4 july

Location Castello di San Pelagio - DUE CARRARE (PD), via San Pelagio, 34

Abraham and Shraga are Orthodox Jewish twins who live a secluded existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. Since the death of their parents, they have stopped throwing away anything, accumulating all sorts of stuff. Enraged by the situation, the upstairs tenant stops paying them rent until they proceed with a radical cleaning of their apartment. Abraham and Shraga are forced to open their doors to a specialized cleaning company. What ensues seems at first only a traumatic invasion of privacy, with the twins fighting to preserve their memories – but little by little the relationship with the head of the cleaning company begins to deepen. By painfully separating from most of their belongings, Abraham and Shraga are pushed to find new solutions to many unanswered questions: how free are you within the boundaries of your heritage? How do you begin to let go the past go and live your life in the present? How do you confront the loss of your parents and become responsible for yourself?


Antonio has worked as writer/director in the film industries of Europe, Australia and North America since 1992, when he co-wrote (with Gill Dennis) and directed ON MY OWN which screened at Sundance 1993 and was nominated for 6 AFI awards (Australian Oscar Equivalent) and 1 Genie award (Canada’s Oscar equivalent). He directed 4 other features, including RUNNING AGAINST (Sundance 1997, winner Cinequest and Prix Italia 1997) and LITTLE BOY BLUE (winner Mystfest, Cattolica 1997). His films have been presented at festivals such as Berlin, Sundance, San Sebastian, Rotterdam; and released by companies such as Miramax, Warner Bros., and Lion’s Gate. Right after 9-11 Antonio shot a series of documentaries for RAI (Italian TV). That experience led to an on-going collaboration with UNTV (United Nations TV) making documentaries to shed light on under-reported realities in South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. As a Fulbright scholar Antonio studied at Calarts where he received an MFA in Film & Video. His projects have received support from institutions such as IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project), TFI (Tribeca Film Institute), FIND (Film Independent), WEMW (When East Meets West) and DOKINBUBATOR. Antonio is a current member of WGA, East. He is co-director of the MFA in Film at CCNY (The City College of New York). 2016- THY FATHER’S CHAIR (doc feature, co-director Alex Lora) 2013- GODKA CIRKA (doc short, co-director Alex Lora) 2011- [S]COMPARSE (doc feature) 2011- PRO-TRUSION (short) 2009- LOOKING (short) 2008- KINO-DREAM (short) 2007- LOS DE LA GLORIETA DE LOS HONGOS (doc, co-director Michele Zaccheo) 2005- TALES FROM THE TSUNAMI (doc, co-director Michele Zaccheo) 2003- JOHN CRAWFORD, HELEN GARBER (doc short) 2001- LUPO MANNARO (feature film – Fandango, Rome) 1998- CLAUDINE’S RETURN (aka ‘Kiss of Fire’) (feature film – Jazz Pictures/Miramax) 1997- LITTLE BOY BLUE (feature film – Jazz Pictures/Warner Bros.) 1995- CORRERE CONTRO (feature film – Fandango, Rome) 1992- ON MY OWN (feature film – Ellepí, FFC, Alliance-Atlantis)

Antonio Tibaldi, Alex Lora
Antonio Tibaldi
Alex Lora / Antonio Tibaldi
Kolerus / Don Eriksen
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