30 giugno - 17 luglio, 2016 Colli Euganei, Padova

Sole Music

by John Batchelor

UK | 2016 | HD | 3 min.

Date saturday 2 july

Location Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi

On a street filled with foot-tapping solo melodies, one pair of battered shoes always strike the wrong note. But a chance encounter gives them an opportunity to finally play in harmony.


John Batchelor has worked as an animator in the TV and games industry for over 12 years. Sole Music is the first short animation he has directed at CG studio RealtimeUK. Set at ankle-level and with pairs of shoes as the characters, this short uses 1950s style and 2D effects re-created with 3D software. The narrative uses music and rhythmical movement to tell the story of outcasts coming together in a unique way.

John Batchelor
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