30 giugno - 17 luglio, 2016 Colli Euganei, Padova

Silence. For Pete’s Sake!

by Kai Pannen

Germany | 2015 | HD | 8 min.

Date saturday 2 july

Location Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi

Mr. Bumble is tired and would like to take a midday nap. It comes to nothing, his friends don´t give quiet. So he retires to a lonely and quiet place. But there, on the top of a mountain, the silence is to quiet, that he can´t fall asleep as well. He decides to return and is glad to be at his friends again. And noises will become music for him. Will he finally find his well-deserved sleep?


Kai Pannen studied Painting and film in Cologne/Germany and started his carrier as an Illustrator. In the meantime he is focused on book-illustration and also appears as an author. He taught animation, layout and storyboard at the Animation School Hamburg. Simultaneous he directs animated short films for children, e. g. „Tally ho, Pancake!“ and „Olga“. Kai Pannen lives in Hamburg. 1995- until today Div. animation filmprojects, e.g. for Sportbund NRW, (animated films for lerningsoftware CD-Rom) Degussa AG (animated movies for their intranet) Web.de, (animated greeting cards) and so on 1999-2002 Altogether 22 „Cutout-Movies“ for the german TV magazin „Plusminus“ (each from about, 2,4 to 4 Min) Direction/Design/Animation 2004 „Snowbody“, Animationfilm (8 min) decorated with several national and international awards Animation/Co-Direction//Background-Design/Layout/Storyboard/ Storydevelopment 2005 Trailer for „Hinz und Kunz(t)“, animationfilm (about. 45 Sec) Characterdesign/Animation/Compositing 2005 „Town of bridges“, animationfilm for Wirtschaftsbehörde Hamburg to present the „European Sozialfonds“ (about 60 Sec), Concept/Directing/Script/Storyboard/Design 2005 „First Soloflight“, Animationfilm, (about 45 Sec) 2006 „TKKG“, TV-Serial (each about 22 Min), Trickompany, Hamburg Leica-Supervising, Storyboard 2007 „Die kleine Hexe hat Geburtstag“, (about 5 Min), Trikk17, Hamburg Cutout animation 2009 „Tally ho, Pancake!", ( 6 Min), Cutout animation Screenplay/Directing/Storyboard/Artwork/Animation 2010 „Esel-Historie“, (90 Sec), ZDF, Löwenzahn Design/Charakterdesign/Animation 2011 „Olga", (6 Min), Cutout animation Screenplay/Directing/Storyboard/Artwork/Animation 2015 „Silence. For Pete´s sake!“ (7:39 Min), Cutout animation Screenplay/Directing/Storyboard/Artwork/Animation

Kai Pannen
Kai Pannen
Kai Pannen
Kai Pannen
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