International Short Films

Alice (01)


by Marianne Elliott

Fiction | UK | 2010 | 35mm | 16 min.

The film tells the magical experience of little Alice, while at the theatre she watches the representation of the journey of her namesake “Alice in Wonderland”.  When she ventures...

» location: MONSELICE, Villa Buzzaccarini, Marendole

Silent River (01)

Apele tac (Silent river)

by Anca Miruna Lazarescu

Fiction | Germany | 2011 | 35mm | 30 min. | trailer

Romania, 1986: Gregor and Vali want to escape. They will cross the Danube swimming. On the other bank of the river there is Yugoslavia. They need each other, but...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello


El somriure amagat

by Ventura Durall

Fiction | Spain | 2010 | HD | 13 min.

Daniel, a ten-year-old child, escapes from his home in the Ethiopian countryside and reaches the capital, Addis Ababa; during his night wanderings, he comes  across some street children sleeping...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este


Face à la mer

by Olivier Loustau

Fiction | France | 2010 | HD | 30 min.

In Sète, in France, three fishermen go back to sea after a harsh strike in which their demands were rejected. Their small boat shipwrecks and the men are reported...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

graue fuechse (01)

Graue Füchse

by Robert Kellner

Fiction | Germany | 2010 | 35mm | 22 min.

After losing all their investments because of the world financial crisis, four retired men experiment “alternative” measures to get back the money lost. What starts as a “simple” plan...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

grand-mere (01)

Je pourrais être votre grand-mère

by Bernard Tanguy

Fiction | France | 2010 | 35mm | 19 min.

A brilliant lawyer notices an old Romanian homeless who looks liker his grandmother. One night he makes a paperboard sign for her upon which it is written “I might...

» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Castello del Cataio

Khorosho (01) - poster

Khorosho (Todo Bien)

by Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Fiction | Spain | 2010 | HD | 22 min.

“Khorosho” tells the story of the reunion between Andro ad Beka, two old army comrades who come across each other after a long time. They share many unpleasant memories,...

» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice d'Este

LA TAMA (01)

La tama

by Martin Costa

Fiction | Spain | 2009 | HD | 19 min.

Tama is a rowdy teenager. Tired of the continuous fights with her mother, she takes off on a journey with no return.

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo


Les barbares

by Jean-Gabriel Périot

Fiction | France | 2010 | 35mm | 5 min.

We are scum! We are barbarians !

» location: TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna

masala mama (01)

Masala mama

by Michael Kam

Fiction | Singapore | 2010 | 16mm | 8 min.

A ragman’s son has a dream: he aims at becoming a cartoonist to draw the superheroes of comics. One day he steals a comic book from the peaceful owner of...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello



by Remi Mazet

Fiction | France | 2010 | 35mm | 20 min.

Popular district of Dakar. An elderly man, Lamine, is getting ready for an important date. At the other side of the city, in a sumptuous villa, somebody is waiting...

» location: BAONE, Cà Orologio

the scent of flowers does not blow against the wind (01)

The scent of flowers does not blow against the wind

by Leszek Korusiewicz

Fiction | Poland | 2009 | DigiBeta | 17 min.

Andrzej is a happy father and husband: his job as a stuntman does not interfere with his calm family what is the reason of the anxiety that he...

» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello

Until The River Runs Red (01)

Until the river runs red

by Paul Wright

Fiction | UK | 2010 | 35mm | 27 min.

Chloe, 16 years old, believes she is the only daughter of God. She travels around with her parents and spends her days wandering about in the secluded countryside, searching...

» location: TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna

Viki Ficki (01)

Viki Ficki

by Natalie Spinell

Fiction | Germany | 2010 | HD | 18 min. | trailer

Viki has to face a challenge: she has to present her mother’s job to her classmates, whether she likes it or not. A moving film on the relationship between...

» location: TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna

Yellow Mums (01)

Yellow Mums

by Firas Khoury

Fiction | Israel | 2010 | HD | 32 min.

It’s Easter and Nizar, a Palestinian child introvert and very religious, decides to compete with the children of his village in the traditional game of “breaking eggs”.  His purpose...

» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

Domenica 17 Luglio, ore 20.00
Giardini del Castello
Spettacolo di Mirko Artuso

Spettacolo di Marco Paolini a Villa Beatrice, Baone, sabato 9 Luglio 2011
Sabato 9 Luglio, ore 19.30
BAONE - Villa Beatrice d’Este
dedicato a Jack London

Spettacolo di Marco Paolini

Mario Brunello in concerto a Este, Chiostro di S. Francesco, domenica 3 Luglio 2011
Domenica 3 Luglio, ore 21.30
ESTE - Chiostro S. Francesco

Mario Brunello in concerto