Until the river runs red

by Paul Wright

Fiction | UK | 2010 | 35mm | 27 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

friday 8 july
TEOLO, Parco delle Fiorine, Monte della Madonna
Until The River Runs Red (01)
Until The River Runs Red (02)

Chloe, 16 years old, believes she is the only daughter of God. She travels around with her parents and spends her days wandering about in the secluded countryside, searching for the mythical “Red River”. As the story unfolds, the public discovers the terrible truth about the family’s past.



Paul Wright (Lower Largo, Scotland, 1981), graduated at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama of Glasgow, in 2007 won the award for best debut at the Scottish BAFTA.. In 2009 he shot “Believe” that won the Golden Leopard for Best International Short Film at the Locarno Film festival. In 2010 with “Photos of God” he competed at the Berlin Film festival in the short films sections. He has currently been working on his first full-length film with Sigma and Zentropa Films.

Paul Wright
Paul Wright
Emma True, Gillian Bradbury, Gharlotte Donnelly, Andy Gathergood, Hannah Moss