30 giugno - 17 luglio, 2016 Colli Euganei, Padova

Jay amongst men

by Zeno Graton

Belgie | 2015 | HD | 28 min.

Date saturday 16 july

Location Palazzo della Loggetta - MONSELICE (PD), via del Santuario, 6

To please his father, and win the love he lacks, Jay, 14, has to become a man and find a girlfriend. Forcing his entry into the violent territory of men, Jay will try to forget that he's still a child.


Zeno Graton, born in Ixelles in 1990, pursued his secondary studies at Collège Saint Michel. He then continued at INSAS, with an option in Image and finished his formation with a 5th year in Directing. He worked within the theater field as videographer and director of photography for music videos, web series, and short films. In 2011, he directed "Les corps conducteurs", a short film selected at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (FIFF) and at the Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF). His final film project at university, "Mouettes", directed in 2013, won 3 awards at FIFF, one of which was the "el bayard d'or" for the best short-film. FILMOGRAPHY 2014 : "Jay parmi les hommes", Hélicotronc et Sacrebleu 2013: "Mouettes", INSAS- film de fin d’études Prix : Bayard d’Or du Meilleur Film / Prix d’Interprétation / Prix de la Meilleure Photopgraphie / FIFF 2013 / Meilleur Court-Métrage International / CineramaBC (Brésil) 19’ 2012 : "La petite mort" 2011 : "Les corps conducteurs" Prize : Sélectionné au FIFF (2012) et Brussels Short Film Festival (2012) 9’32’’

Zeno Graton
Zeno Graton
Zeno Graton Et Louise Dubois
Juliette Van Dormael
Alice De Matha, Zeno Graton
Valerio Selig
Anton Leurquin, Arieh Worthalter, Judith Williquet
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