30 giugno - 17 luglio, 2016 Colli Euganei, Padova


by Yann Goodfaith

France | 2015 | HD | 15 min.

Date friday 1 july

Location Villa Vigna Contarena - ESTE (PD), via Guido Negri, 15

A washed up fish is mistaken to be a man and leaves in search for a siren in the middle of a desert before realizing that dreams can sometimes be deadly…


Yann Jouette spent 5 years working for Ubisoft as a 3D video game developer. Afterwards, he worked on different animated series, films and publicities. Simultaneaously, he directed two short films, broadcasted on Canal + and selected for numerous festivals : « La Fabrik » is a 5 minute short that received the award of best independent short film at Imagina in 2001. « L’attaque des pieds de l’espace » received the Grand Prize at the Renegade Festival of Los Angeles in 2004. In 2007, he directed « Berni’s doll » (11’30) with Dummy productions, which received more than 35 awards in different international festivals : Annecy, BIFF, Espinho… And in 2013, a short-film « Next Generation » with the support of CNC and Arte with R!stone productions. FILMOGRAPHY 2013: Next Generation 2008: Berni's doll 2004: L'attaque des pieds de l'espace 2001:La Fabrik

Yann Goodfaith
Sacrebleu Productions
Sacrebleu Productions