Yellow sticky notes - Canadian anijam

by Jeff Chiba Stearns

Animation | Canada | 2013 | HD | 8 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

saturday 6 july
ESTE, Giardini del Castello
Chris Hinton2
Marv Newland2

For the first time in Canadian history, 15 most award-winning and celebrated independent animators have come together to create a collaborative animated film. Yellow Sticky Notes|Canadian Anijam is an innovative and global approach to animation filmmaking to self reflect on one day of their lives using only 4x6 inch yellow sticky notes, a black pen and animation meditation. Each of the animators created their sequences independent of knowing what the other participants were creating. The result is a sequence of thousands of sticky note drawings...


Jeff Chiba Stearns is an Emmy nominated and Webby award winning animation and documentary filmmaker. Born in Canada, he graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a degree in Film Animation in 2001. Soon after he founded Meditating Bunny Studio Inc. in Vancouver. His short and feature length films, Kip and Kyle (2000), The horror of Kindergarten (2001), What Are You Anyways? (2005), Yellow Sticky Notes (2007), Ode to a Post-it Note (2010) and One Big Hapa Family (2010) have screened in hundreds of film festivals around the world and garnered many awards. Jeff is currently directing his second feature length documentary, Mixed Match, on multiculturalism. He is also a past college animation instructor.

Jeff Chiba Stearns
Jeff Chiba Stearns
Jeff Chiba Stearns
Jeff Chiba Stearns
Jeff Chiba Stearns
Genevieve Vincent
Animators: Jeff Chiba Stearns, Marv Newland, Cordell Barker, Chris Hinton, Alison Snowden, David Fine, Janet Pearlman, Paul Driessen, Jody Kramer, Howie Shia, Jonathan Ng, Lillian Chan, Malcolm Sutherland, Joel Mackenzie, Louise Johnson
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