Don't hit the ground

by Mia Spengler

Fiction | Germany | 2013 | HD | 30 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

sunday 21 july
MONSELICE, Complesso Monumentale S. Paolo
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The 90's, a colourful decade of pop and shallowness: Fifteen year old Fila and her clique are in the middle of it. Fila is popular amongst her friends, because she is cool, sassy and loud. But so is Gülcan, which makes her a rival to Fila. When Gülcan participates in a make-over organised by a teen magazine, Fila is terrified to lose her position as a group leader. In addition to that there are rumours regarding her relationship to 27 year old Artur, also nicknamed pedo behind his back. The only reason why he is part of the activities of the friends is that he is a weed dealer and provides his flat as a hang-out. But Fila has feelings for him. And so he does. But Fila is afraid to adhere to her love, because Artur is not cool. He is soft and is often exploited and made fun of by nearly everyone.When Gülcan confronts Fila with the fact that everyone knows about her and Artur, Fila is forced into a corner. To prove them wrong she makes out with Gülcans secret crush Alex. She thereby not only enrages her friends, but also breaks Arturs heart. Fila does not know how to cope with these feelings other than to participate in a tv host casting. She puts all her hopes in this event, but she fails. Realizing that she lost it all, she makes a decision which is irreversible.


Mia was born in Munich, as the daughter of a korean nurse and a bavarian businessman. She then grew up in Hamburg where she started to write her songs and play small gigs at the age of 15. At the age of 18 she moved to Beijing China, where she founded the Band MIYA together with the beijing based Uigur Singer Jurat Dark. Through the shoot of a music video she discovered her passion for Film. Back in Germany she then became the assistant of german director Hans Weingartner in Berlin in 2008. Meanwhile she shot her first short movie Wiegenlied which got her accepted at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where she studies since 2009. She has directed several short films and music videos. 2013 NICHT DEN BODEN BERÜHREN (Don't Touch den Ground) short - writer / director / music SWR Coproduktion 2012 Get 2 know you - Doctor Dru / Music Video for Exploited - writer / director / doP 2012 HEIMWEG (way home) short - writer / director/ music 2010 DAS RITUAL (the ritual) short - writer / director 2010 VENUS (venus) short - writer / director

Mia Spengler
Stefanie Schmitz, Mia Spengler
Jan-Marcello Kahl
Philipp Ostermann
Marc Fragstein, Tobias Scherer, Mia Spengler
Emma Drogunova, Evgenij Verenin, Leo van Kann, Merve Avdic, Tim Blochwitz, Lennart Betzgen, Shirin Fleur Krieg
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Rebecca Schröder
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Rebecca Schröder
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