by Léo Favier, Schroeter Und Berger

Fiction | France | 2012 | HD | 15 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

saturday 20 july
MONSELICE, Complesso Monumentale S. Paolo

Are you fed up with life ? Do you feel bored by the crisis ? Is everybody here talking about the weather ? Well then, we have got something for you ! The Franco-German filmmakers Leo Favier and Schroeter und Berger offer a portrait of a small French village where the solidarity, initiative and commitment are daily values . 
 Kinoki is a fictional documentary made from a collage of super 8 films between archiving the history of this village, animated illustrations and typographic animations. It offers a humorous solutions for a better life.


LEO FAVIER Léo Favier was born in Paris in 1985. After the obtaining of a scientific high school diploma in Avignon in 2003, it leaves studying one year in preparatory cycle to the schools of art in Paris. He integrates the College of the Decorative arts of Strasbourg in 2004 and, following a founding internship(training course) at the graphic designer Philippe Apeloig (for whom he works for the Théâtre du Châtelet, Cultures France, RM N), he joins the section graphic communication of this school. He assists from then on the photographer Charles Fréger and realizes the model of his book Worsen(Get worse) (at Thames and Hudson, on 2010). In 2007, he obtains a DNAP and leaves to Berlin for an training course within the collective of graphics(handwriting) He works during several months actively on the project, television broadcasted by internet in a district of Hamburg, alternating video shootings, sound, scenography and graphic design. He returns then in Berlin and starts a half-year in exchange in Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee in the class of Alex Jordan (Grapus, meisterschuler e Joseph Beuys), for him a major figure of the humanist and political tradition of the French graphics. He meets the German graphic designers Schroeter und Berger, with whom he starts the Wandertag project. After an exhilarating half-year, he joins officially the KHB-Weissensee into the option visual communication and becomes student German. After diverse projects between France and Germany (see, Léo Favier lives at present in Berlin, alternating works of command or auto-introduced, sometimes only but often in cooperation in the branch graphics, edition and documentary. SCHROETER UND BERGER After a diploma in an American high school in 1998, Maximilian Sauerbier obtains his high school diploma in Cologne in 2000 and makes his non-military national service as nurse's aide at home. After diverse training courses in the cultural industry, he studies a half-year the German and English literature and the musicology to the university of Cologne. After a diploma in a newzeland school in 1998, Sébastian Helm obtains its high school diploma to Goslar in 2001 and makes its non-military national service as nurse's aide at home. After diverse training courses in the cultural industry, he studies from 2002 at the university of the Bauhaus, in Weimar, in the option visual communication. He turns from the beginning of his studies to the video art and the cartoon movies embellish with image by image. In 2002, Maximilian Sauerbier begins his studies to the college of graphics and art of the book in Leipzig, optional multimedia art. After two intensive and interdisciplinary half-years in his favorite school of art, he changes school in 2003 and joins the media faculty of the university of the Bauhaus in multimedia design optional Weimar. He realizes several experimental movies there. Maximilian Sauerbier concentrates on the research for a critical graphic design, an approach which he pursues by joining 2004 in the faculty of design in the option visual communication. During a experimental vidéo class given by Frank Westermeier directed on the documentary-fiction, Maximilian and Sébastian learn to know and realize their first teamwork: " Der Reise nach Frank ", an abstract roadmovie, inspired by the collaboration between Sophie Calle and Paul Auster. At the end of 2005, they create the collective of art and design " Schroeter und Berger/Buron fur Lösungen ", and work since in this organization. They participate regularly in interdisciplinary projects and cooperations. The office evolves in the print, video, audio branch, the installation, the museography or design Web. Numerous free works were realized beside works of commands (see The latter have all a political approach and are to be interpreted in the social context which is appropriate for them. The works of Schroeter und Berger were numerous times presented in festivals, on the radio or on the television and also discussed, some of their Works were given prices. In 2007, Schroeter und Berger participate in a half-year as students invited in Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee with Alex Jordan and Stefan Schuhmann ( Within the framework of the project " Immigration-Emigration ", they commit a collaboration with Léo Favier and realize together the project " Wandertag ", a free, artistic, not conventional and political fanzine, which celebrates in November, 2009 its 8th number. One of the essential themes of the work of Schroeter und shepherd is bound(connected) to the city of Weimar. The critical glance carried in the history of this city becomes the foundation of the works " of updating " which they realize. They confront among others with the work of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, photographer, graphic designer, painter, pioneer of the performance and the multimedia, constructivist art and utopian. They achieve under various forms, " the updating " of three of its plans / ideas / models, which had never been this day realized: " Dynamik der Gross-Stadt ", "Kinetisch Konstruktives System" and "Mechanische Exzentrik" At the end of the winter 2008/2009, they end both their studies and obtain the note of 1.0 To their diplomas.

Léo Favier, Schroeter Und Berger
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Léo Favier & Schroeter Und Berger
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