Images from Latin America

In cooperation with the Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, ACLAV presents a selection of twenty films included in the video sections of the festival: fiction, animation, documentary evidence different in length and mirroring the artistic, socioeconomic, ethnic, religious anxieties in a fast-changing continent where archaic cultures survive and blend with a modernity in astonishing acceleration. Rapid flashes or articulated constructions of images to narrate – often with a critic, poetic, biting slant – the different perspectives on the past and the present of countries with ample cultural resources, some of which (like Mexico and Argentina) saw the dawn of cinematography or more recently showed an extraordinary ability in innovation, giving birth to experimental movements of great international importance (Brazil). These are little but significant spurs that we are glad to offer within this Festival that has always been careful to the stimulations coming from different languages and artistic backgrounds and, consequently, perfectly aligned with our projects of cultural development: may this be the beginning of a long-lasting and productive cooperation.


The Association of the Latin American Communities in Veneto (A.C.L.A.V.) was actually born in 1979, but was registered at the Court of Padova in 1985. It is the oldest immigrants’ association in Veneto and one of the oldest in Italy. Created by the Chilean and Argentinean communities for socio-cultural purposes (full preservation of identity for the many Latin Americans living in the region), ACLAV is currently working – especially on a local basis – on programs for the enhancement of the American subcontinent in all its different artistic and cultural components. It collaborates with the Association for the Promotion of Latin American Culture in Italy (A.P.C.L.A.I.) to organize the Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, which is the main event in Europe dealing with Latin American cinema and has come to its 24th edition this year.

Works in this section:

Domingo (1)

Domingo, Frango, Assado

by Federico Mutti

Fiction | Brasil-Italy | 2006 | 20 min.

In the favela of a village in Bahia an eleven-year-old boy steals a black cock consecrated to the rituals of Candomblé. Soon rumors will spread about a curse that...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

La periferia (1)

La periferia

by Fabrizzio Bartolini

Animation | Cile | 2008 | 10 min.

Bad neighbourliness in the anonymous suburbs of Santiago: the escalation of nasty tricks leads, sometimes, to tragedy.

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

La Tierra Sin Mal (1)

La tierra sin mal

by Anna Recalde Miranda

Documentary | Italy-France-Paraguay | 2008 | DvCam | 80 min.

April 2008, Paraguay. Fernando Lugo will be the first-ever former Bishop to be elected as President of the Republic, in the history of Democracy. After 35 years under Stroessner's...

» location: MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

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