The Festival

A cinema caravan will stride along the Euganean Hills streets for two weeks, stopping over in the little villages and in the bigger centres. This is what the eighth edition of the Euganea Film Festival will be like: it will take place from the 3rd to the 19th of July, not only in the usual places which had already hosted the event in the past years, such as the Cini Castle in Monselice and the Saint Francis Cloister in Este; it will also play a leading role during the summer nights in the Euganean Hills Park, with a little camper which will bring the big screen emotions back to the people in the squares.

There will be many special events during this eighth edition, starting with a glamorous swimming pool party on the 5th of July, as a tribute to Black Edwards’ movie "The Party", which will flow on the screen as a source of inspiration for the participants between a diving and an appetizer.

On the 4th of July, at the Saint Francis Cloister in Este, Marco Paolini, a resident guest of the kermess, will present his “Par vardar” show, a fascinating theatrical digression into the memories and habits of Veneto. On the 12th of July Mario Brunello will be in concert at Villa Beatrice d’Este in Baone, whereas on the 17th Gabriele Vacis’ "Uno scampolo di paradiso" will be projected in the gardens of the Cini Castle in Monselice, followed by a meeting with the director.

Illustration by Stefano Tamiazzo

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