La tierra sin mal

by Anna Recalde Miranda

Documentary | Italy-France-Paraguay | 2008 | DvCam | 80 min.

sunday 19 july
MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo

April 2008, Paraguay. Fernando Lugo will be the first-ever former Bishop to be elected as President of the Republic, in the history of Democracy. After 35 years under Stroessner's dictatorship and 18 under the power and the corruption of the Colorado Party, Lugo will build the "New Deal for the Land of no pain", as the indios Guarani used to call their Heaven on Heart, an utopic place of peace and justice.

Anna Recalde Miranda (1979) is a italian-paraguayan filmmaker. She graduated in Media Sociology in Bologna, Italy. She worked as a pruducer in Stefilm (Italy) and in Adelante (Paris) where she collaborated with the director Hubert Sauper. She also worked with the director Lech Kowalski as camerawoman and editor on his last film “Winners and Losers” (Locarno Film Festival, 2007). Brief filmography: “Il en fallait du courage à l’époque” (2003) e “Lonco/Chupasesos” (2005).

Anna Recalde Miranda
Anna Recalde Miranda
Anna Recalde Miranda
Andrea Gandolfo
Fernando Lugo Martin, Almada Guillermina Kanonnikoff
Troubled Production, Kinemultimedia, Suttvuess


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