CINEMAMBULANTE - Itinerant Cinema

Cinemambulante begins with the desire of meeting people. All the people. All those which television doesn't have the time or will to show. A part of Italy made of villages and houses, the part with the vegetable garden and the visitors’ office , the part where the local train stops or where there is no train station at all.
The Cinemambulante's van is in town: immediately the screen is positioned, while the chairs are lined up. Everyone talks about it: the children ask their parents what that van is, while at the bar in the main square the older people blurt out an ironic remark.
Here it is, Italy. Amongst roads scrambling up the mountains or vanishing in the plain, amongst villages which are sometimes castled, sometimes spread on the fields like an open hand.

Pier Paolo Giarolo

Works in this section:

Mondine - Di madre in figlia (1)

Di madre in figlia

by Andrea Zambelli

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | HDV | 82 min.


» location: ARQUÀ PETRARCA, Piazza Petrarca

Diario di un curato di montagna (1)

Diario di un curato di montagna

by Stefano Saverioni

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | DvCam | 58 min.


» location: ESTE, Chiostro S. Francesco

Focaccia blues (1)

Focaccia blues

by Nico Cirasola

Fiction | Italy | 2008 | HD | 78 min.


» location: TORREGLIA, Antica Trattoria Ballotta

In tempo, ma rubato (1)

In tempo, ma rubato

by Giuseppe Baresi

Documentary | Italy | 2009 | MiniDV | 52 min.


» location: ESTE, Teatro dei Filodrammatici

La fiuma - Incontri sul Po e dintorni (1)

La fiuma - Incontri sul Po e dintorni

by Rossella Schillaci e Giancorrado Barozzi

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | HDV | 64 min.


» location: CINTO EUGANEO, Cava Bomba

Rumore bianco (1)

Rumore bianco

by Alberto Fasulo

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | 35mm | 90 min.


» location: BATTAGLIA TERME, Giardini INPS

Signori professori (1)

Signori professori

by Maura Delpero

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | MiniDV | 92 min.


» location: BAONE, Villa Beatrice D'Este

Un piccolo spettacolo (1)

Un piccolo spettacolo

by Pierpaolo Giarolo

Documentary | Italy | 2005 | MiniDV | 65 min.


» location: VO EUGANEO, Villa Venier

Uno scampolo di paradiso (1)

Uno scampolo di Paradiso

by Gabriele Vacis

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | HD | 74 min.


» location: MONSELICE, Giardini del Castello

Via Anelli (1)

Via Anelli

by Marco Segato

Documentary | Italy | 2008 | Mini DV | 68 min

» location: ESTE, Chiostro S. Francesco

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