Villa Buzzaccarini
MONSELICE (PD), via Marendole

In the site where now stands the Villa Buzzaccarini historical chronicles speak of a "fortress, which was destroyed in 1237 by Ezzelino" and stood on Marendole and "will defend once the river." The site is so well known since ancient times.
The first historical records on the villa dates back to 1567, are owned by Justine Buzzaccarini. From this point on they begin to stratify the evidence relating to a complex articulation of the complex over time, which will eventually lead to the current conformation.
To cite the most important passages, Villa Buzzaccarini appear in a Napoleonic land register of 1808, while the Austrian Land Registry confirms that the property in 1838, until then entirely attributable to the Villa, had already been divided into two parts.
In more recent times the House, probably due to its special and privileged position, was used as headquarters during the Italian World War I, some carved in the plaster of the wall calendars of the soldiers are still visible after the restoration.
Currently, the Villa has hosted events and ceremonies.