The hamster

by Bartek Ignaciuk

Commedia | Polonia | 2012 | HD | 30 min.italian subtitles by EMM

Date friday 11 july

Location Passo delle Fiorine (Monte della Madonna) - TEOLO (PD), via Monte della Madonna


One night a hamster called Przemek falls down from a high floor of old house. Przemek is a beloved pet of two elderly people – Maria and Wacław. The shocked couple find Przemek on the roof of their car parked outside the building. The hamster is wearing a handkerchief parachute and a helmet made of a deodorant cap. It is barely alive. It is the elderly couple’s grandson, Kris, who is later discovered to have launched the hamster, while staying at his grandparents’ for the weekend. This seemingly trivial accident triggers an avalanche of minor catastrophes. The small, local community is incapable of finding a common language or common values to face the problems. And the price for the wrongdoings is paid by the most innocent.


Bartek IgnaciukBorn in 1972. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Department of Painting and Graphics. Since 2003 he has directed mainly ads - as part of the ChukChuk duo and on his own. The duo was included in the selection of the most promising directors in advertising Saatchi&Saatchi New Directors Showcase in Cannes 2003. Twice awarded the Best Director prize during the Festival of Advertising Creators Club. In 2009 he was the director of the first series (episodes 1-7) of the Polish adaptation of the British TV series Cold Feet (in Poland under the name “Usta Usta”). His music video for the song of vocalist Kora "Hide and Seek"(Zabawa w chowanego) was nominated in 2010 for the Grand Prix at the Yach Film Festival.

Bartek Ignaciuk
Bartek Ignaciuk
Marek Sanak
Wojciech Wlodarski
Jan Komar
Marcin Perchuć, Paweł Wilczak, Magda Celówna, Czesław Bogdański
Polish Filmmakers Association Munk Studio
Krakow Film Foundation