Blessed be this place

by Carl Olsson

Documentary | Danimarca | 2013 | altro | 29 min.

Date sunday 13 july

Location Castello di San Martino - CERVARESE SANTA CROCE (PD), via San Martino, 19

Still from film 1
Still from film 2

’Blessed be this place’ is a multi-plot film about one’s search for identity and a place of belonging. The film is an observation of humankind, based on the spaces in which we find life meaningful and comprehensible.


Carl Olsson has just finished his final year as documentary director at The National Film School of Denmark, Copenhagen. Earlier studies include Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops Arnö, Stockholm and specific courses at Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm. His films have been screened at several acclaimed international festival such as Camerimage in Poland, Sichuan TV Festival in China and Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden. In 2014 Carl Olsson was nominated for a Danish Robert Award for his graduation film ‘Blessed be this place’. Filmography Night Shift, Danida 2012 Mr. Magdy, Room number 17 please, The National Film School of Denmark 2012 Blessed be this place, The National Film School of Denmark 2013

Carl Olsson
Carl Olsson
Carl Olsson
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Sofie Steenberger
Johannes Ettrup
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