An Italian mirage

by Alessandra Celesia

Documentary | France | 2013 | HD | 90 min.

Date saturday 19 july

Location Palazzo della Loggetta - MONSELICE (PD), via del Santuario, 6

an italian mirage (1)
an italian mirage (2)
an italian mirage (3)

“Looking for Work? Alaska awaits you.” The destiny of five Italians, who share the same preoccupation to desert the country, are brought together by this advertisement that appeared in Turin during the throes of the economic crisis. Left to fend for themselves in Yakutat, a no man's land where time seems to have stopped, these men and women set off on a voyage of personal discovery. A real adventure of friendship and solidarity towards a life fully lived despite it all.


Alessandra Celesia  has long worked in theatre, as an actress or director. On the way, she developped another passion: filmmaking. She started filming in her native area, Aosta, and about her motherland, Italy, until she settled in Paris. In 2012 she directed Le libraire de Belfast, awarded best documentary at Festival dei Popoli, and in 2012 Mirage à l’italienne.

Alessandra Celesia
Alessandra Celesia
Alessandra Celesia
Laurent Fenart
Danielle Anezin
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