Who will be a Gurkha

by Kesang Tseten

Documentary | Nepal | 2012 | HD | 75 min.

Date sunday 13 july

Location Castello di San Martino - CERVARESE SANTA CROCE (PD), via San Martino, 19

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Britain began recruiting Nepalis 200 years. Gurkhas, famous for wielding a curved khukuri knife, have seen numerous wars. 200,000 fought in two world wars; 50,000 were killed. Though paid meagrely, Gurkha income and pension has helped thrust Nepal’s economy. Today, paid manifold times better, Nepalis continue to be lured to the British Army, undergoing gruelling tests to win the very few positions available. Recruitment, carried out with meticulous British planning in the lush lakeside town of Pokhara, presents an elaborate modern-day ritual born in the days of Empire, offering a fascinating view of institutions and societies, officers and applicants, British and Nepali.


Kesang Tseten studied at Dr Graham`s Homes in India, Amherst College and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the US, following which he was a writer, freelancing and editing, for international organizations in Nepal, Himal magazine, the UN in New York. During these years, he also worked as a trek leader/guide and wrote short stories and a personal narrative. He began making films in 1998.Director’s Filmography: "Men at Work", 65 m, 2013; "Who will be a Gurkha", 75 min, 2012; "The Desert Eats us", 68 min, 2011; "Saving Dolma", 62 min, 2011; "In Search of the Riyal", 86 min, 2010; "Frames of War", 50 min, 2008; "We Corner People", 50 min, 2007; "On the road with the red god: Machhendranath", 72 min, 2005; "We Homes Chaps", 60 min, 2002; "Listen to the Wind", 30 min, 2000.

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