by Sam Orti

Animation | Spain | 2010 | 35mm | 18 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

friday 6 july
ESTE, Giardini del Castello
Vicenta (1)
Vicenta (2)
Vicenta (3)

When Alfredo dies without revealing his wife the hiding of the fabulous fortune that won the lottery, Vicenta will look everywhere to assume that the only way to know is to ask where her dead husband is. Return the dead to life has never been easy, let alone a widow housewife, but with the help of his nephew Vicente, doing as Igor, anything is possible. However she is not the only one who’s trying to get the valuable fortune.


Sam Orti begins in the world of the animation of Pablo Llorens's hand, after such different projects as series and announcements, creates Conflictivos Productions together with Ati, where they will give gone out for their personal creations: Encarna, Hermetico, Semantica. After a season at England being employed for Aardman Animations, Conflictivos join their forces to I.B. Cinema, of this union they will be fruits El ataque de los Kriters asesinos, The werepig and now Vicenta. Nowadays they are preparing their first full-lenght film Ramon. Encarna 2003 (video) Hermetico 2004 (video) Semantica 2005 (video) El ataque de los Kriters asesinos 2007 (35mm) The werepig 2008 (35mm) Vicenta 2010 (35mm)

Sam Orti
voices: Santiago Segura, Esperanza Elipe, Marta Poveda
Ignacio Benedeti Cinema, S.L.
Ignacio Benedeti Cinema, S.L.