International Film Festival ... Etiuda & SOUL presents:
"Polish school of animation"

The project "The Polish school of animation, from the beginning of the century" aims to give international recognition to the more than 50 years old Polish animation. The program ranges from the classics of Polish animation up to the younger generations of artists who have made ​​their debut in recent years in the scene of the animated film.

The International Film Festival Etiuda & Soul, held in Krakow in 1994, is the oldest film festival in Poland and enhances the results of students in film schools and art from around the world, as well as works of graphic art and animation professionals, students and independent producers. Since its inception, the Festival seeks to familiarize themselves with the world-famous animation artists and the most interesting phenomena of this cinematic form. Its events provide the opportunity to remember the most interesting works of film history, with a particular interest in animation and documentaries, promoting a film production that does not reach the mainstream.

The International Film Festival Etiuda & Soul was for years a source of inspiration for the organizers of other events of this kind in the country.

With the support of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Polish Film Institute.

Titles of works screened:

friday 6 july saturday 7 july

The best of Dutch Animation

Spanning five decades, this retrospective program of Dutch animation features an assortment of award-winning films. From classic shorts by Paul Driessen and Oscar winners Anna and Bella by Borg Ring and Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok de Wit to more recent works by younger film makers, this is an amusing array of diverse animated films made in many different styles and techniques.

The program was compiled by the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film and will be presented by animated film makers Ellen Meske and Francesca Ferrario.

Titles of works screened:

friday 6 july saturday 7 july