by the International School of Comics


h. 15.30 / 18.30 - ESTE, Accademia dell'Artigianato

Workshop by Francesco Frosi

The participants will be guided through the creation of a character and its tridimensional representation with the technique of model-sheet. They will also pick out the expressions and movements that identify the character.

  • - The basic forms
  • - Working with the basic forms to create a plausible character
  • - The “turn around”, that is showing the character from the front, in three-quarter profile and from the back


h. 09.30 / 12.30 - ESTE, Accademia dell'Artigianato

Workshop by Chiara Fatti

Creation of a character and a short story

The workshop offers the possibility of creating a character and developing a short and simple story through the use of text and images, thus making the participants discover the right sequence of images necessary to tell a story. The pictures will be eventually put together to create one’s own book.

h. 15.30 / 18.30 - ESTE, Accademia dell'Artigianato

Workshop by Massimo Pegoraro

The characters created will be animated with a quick succession of frames. In addition to this, the short movies made will be screened.

  • - Basic elements of animation
  • - What is a strap and how it is used in traditional animation
  • - Making of a short movie and final editing
  • - Screening of the short movie made by the class

The International School of Comics, founded in 1979 by Dino Caterini, is now one of the most important factories in the field of drawing, illustration, graphic, 2D and 3D cartoon and web design; it is based in Padua, Rome, Florence, Jesi, Turin, Pescara, Brescia and Reggio Emilia.
The International School of Comics has become, over the years, an important point of reference as for visual, graphic and digital arts and the techniques of cartoon cinema, creative writing and screenwriting.
The courses, taught by qualified and experienced professionals, has formed so far highly professional figures, with the aim of developing the creativity of the students by working on expressive research and technique experimentation. Thanks to the International School of Comics, many young talents managed to introduce themselves in the most different professional fields.

The participation to the workshops is free while seats last.

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