Piccola Terra

by Michele Trentini

Documentary | Italy | 2012 | HDV | 54 min.

sunday 22 july
MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo
Piccola Terra (01)
Piccola Terra (02)
Piccola Terra (03)

Valstagna, Canale di Brenta, Vicenza: pocket-handkerchief plots, once planted with tobacco, are the key of the unconventional destiny of very different characters, committed in giving a new life to a terraced landscape, mostly neglected. Somebody holds with obstinacy and pride onto the old family homestead; somebody leaves his job as a worker in a pit to find his real self; somebody, coming from the urbanized world, decides to look after fields and dry-stone walls through an innovative adoption project; and somebody else, native of Morocco, cherishes the dream of integration for his own sons. Piccola terra is a message of hope for the marginal mountains, a story on the universal value of the bond with the land, which prescinds from economic interests, political obstacles, cultural barriers. The “world of the losers” of the Sixties, here immortalized by the director Giuseppe Taffarel, now is a mountain that comes back to life.



Michele Trentini was born in Rovereto in 1974. He graduated in Sociology at the University of Dresden with a thesis in Anthropology on the eco-communitarianism in East Germany. He makes research using the methods of visual Anthropology and is the author of various documentaries, such as “Furriadroxus” (ISRE 2005, Best Documentary at the Arcipelago Festival of Rome 2006, Best Documentary at the Euganea Movie Movement 2006), “Cheyenne, trent’anni” (Trotzdem 2009, First Prize at the Valsusa Film Fest 2009), “Il canto scaltro” (ISRE 2009, Nigra Prize – Visual Anthropology 2009) and “Carnival King of Europe” (MUCGT 2009, Grand Prize for Academic Film, Kyoto University Academic Film Expo 2009).


Michele Trentini
Mauro Varotto, Luca Lodatti
Michele Trentini, Marco Romano
Michele Trentini
Michele Trentini
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