The Barge

by Mikhail Kolchin

Documentary | Russia | 2010 | HDV | 25 min.

italian subtitles by EMM

saturday 16 july
MONSELICE, Cinema Corallo
The Barge (01)
The Barge (02)

For the whole month already Misha has been watching after the barge arrested for debts. It seems nothing is happening here. All day long he follows the shade thus saving himself from heat and hangover. He invents senseless duties and waits for a manager to come. Misha is always alone. Only kids from the neighborhood are fishing there time to time. He allows.


Name: Mikhail Alexeyevich Kolchin Birth date: 24-th November 1986 Birthplace: Kazan city, Russian Federation Residence: Kazan/Moscow For the period from 2007 to 2009 was occupied at Kazan film studio as a director's assistant and as an executive manager while working on acting and documentary films. Education: Higher. Graduated from the History Department of Kazan State University in 2009. At the moment getting second higher education at the studio of Marina Razbezhkina - Higher School of Journalism at State University - Higher School of Economics at Creative Producing, Documentary Filmmaking and Documentary Theater Directing department. Filmography: The Barge, 2010

Mikhail Kolchin
Mikhail Zelenov, Rinat Sagdeyev