Lose this child

by Yuval and Merav Nathan

Animation | Israel | 2010 | HD | 4 min.

saturday 2 july
ESTE, Giardini del Castello
Lose this child (01)

An animated music video created by Yuval and Merav Nathan. Song by Eatliz Sometimes a beach isn’t just a beach. And, as night falls, that is exactly the case in this beautifully shot and animated video from Yuval and Merav Nathan. As the sun goes down over the ocean, the sand comes to life and takes on the forms of an entire mini eco-system of aquatic life. Sea turtles are born, eels emerge to pursue their prey and Mother Earth orchestrates it all. This sensitively told story focuses on one newly hatched sea turtle, during his trek back to the ocean to find his mother. We see not only the beauty of his new world, but also the terrifying reality of his journey, through his innocent eyes. This artful video was created using stop motion. Most of the clip was shot at night on beach, using the available sand and water and incorporating the natural effects of the waves and the wind. All of the characters are moving sculptures created directly out of sand. It is as though the beach itself is telling you its tale.


Biography – Yuval and Merav Nathan Merav and Yuval Nathan is a pair of directors/creators. They joined forces in 2006 and since then they created five animated music videos and some commercials. These two artists (which are husband and wife) are coming from different fields of creation and together they create a unique style that combines photography, design, 3d animation, stop motion and 2d compositing. The Nathan's known by their versatility and originality of works. Every work they invent themselves from scratch. Though, there is a line that connect the works by the way the story flows, and staging of the shots, and the fluent animation. Between their works are the music "Her Morning Elegance" who was nominated for the Grammy Awards 2010, chosen to the Saatchi and Saatchi new directors show case 2009 , won in festivals and was an internet hit with more then 13 million views on you tube alone. The singer Oren Lavie was a co-director with the Nathans on this project. The couple holds also an Annie Award prize for the best commercial 2010. Today they are represented in USA by Acme Film works and in Europe by Independent (UK). Yuval Nathan is an animation director and a character animator. He is working in this field since 1995, doing commercial work and some independent short animation films. Merav Ben Simon – Nathan, is a director, a graphic designer and a 2d composer. She works in this field since 2000, own a degree in art and photography. website : Filmography: Yuval and Merav Nathan "Loose this Child" – a new music video made all in stop motion for Eatliz band. "Spanish lottery" – seven commercials of 20 seconds each for the national Spanish lottery. The spot "Deportes" won the "Best Commercial" in the Annie Awards 2010. The spots were based on "Her Morning Elegance". It was produced by Acme Film works. "Comcast – Dream Big" – Three commercials for Comcast. The commercials were based on the concept of "Her Morning Elegance". It was produced by Acme Film works. "Ikea" – the drive - a stop motion for commercial. Produced By "Azimut" (2009) "Her Morning Elegance" - a music video for Oren Lavie (2008) It was chosen to the "Saatchi and Saatchi new directors showcase 2009" in Cannes. The film was nominated for the best Music video in the Grammy Awards 2010. ITFS (Stuttgart) - Best music video 2010 Until 2010 there are more then 15 million views on you tube. On the first two weeks there were 4 million viewers. "Dancing" - a music video for "The Walking Man" (Gilad Kahana) - winner of Asifa festival in Tel Aviv, music video category (2008) "Postcard" – a music video for Amit Erez "Attractive" music video for "Eatliz" band – 2006-07 - Winner of "Grand Video award – Ourstage 2009" - Best Israeli music video of the decade the Channel 24 (the music channel) - Winner of Asifa festival in Tel Aviv, music video category (2007) - Participated in Anima mundi festival – BRAZIL - short listed in ANImotion festival -ROMANIA "Momiji" – a music video for "baby" channel - 2007 Yuval "Getting Stoned Again"- 2007. a stoned paranoid rat, perform the song "Getting Stoned Again" in "Aniboom Idol", based on the music of "On The Road Again" - winner of Asifa festival in Tel Aviv, shorts category (2007) "Food Chain 2" – 2004. The second episode in series about a circular food chain of three creatures in the savanna- Participated in "Asifa" animation festival in Tel Aviv. "Food Chain 1" - 2003. The first episode in series about a circular food chain of three creatures in the savanna- First Audience choice in "Asifa" animation festival in Tel Aviv. - participated in Art Futura Festival – Spain - participated in Future Film Festival - Italy - Winner of Asifa festival in Tel Aviv, (2004) "Audition" – 2002 . a 1.5 min short about a kid that getting auditioned to a roll as "Rambo" "Road Kill" – 2000-2001. Series of six episodes about animals who get killed on the road. Creator of two episodes - Four episodes, participated in the 3D festival in Copenhagen 2001

Yuval and Merav Nathan
Yuval and Merav Nathan, Nadav Ben Simon, Guy ben shetrit
Yuval and Merav Nathan, Nadav Ben Simon, Guy ben shetrit
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Yuval and Merav Nathan
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