The well - Voci d'acqua dall'Etiopia

by Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo

Documentary | Italy | 2011 | HDV | 56 min.

sunday 15 july
TORREGLIA, Villa dei Vescovi
The Well 01
The Well 02
The Well 03

We are in the Horn of Africa, a region of the world that is cyclically devastated by drought. Here, in the arid expanses of Oromia (Southern Ethiopia), every year when the dry season is at the pek, Borana shepherds gather with all the animals around their old wells "singers," human works spectacular for their size. In these lands drought exacerbates ethnic conflict for control of water by different populations but in pastoral Erder's wells no one can be prevented from drinking, even to the enemy. While the whole world access to clean water is still considered a fundamental right of man, the Borana deserve special attention for their extraordinary ability to ensuring universal access to their wells without any exchange of money in one of the driesregions on the planet.


Riccardo Russo (Italia,1974), is an Italian independent documentary filmmaker who works especially in the field of social communication. With a PhD in Human Geography and a specialization in human rights film die, he fondant in 2004 the Association of Filmmakers and Researchers Exploring the Metropolis, with Paul Barberi, co-director with his film The Well - Voices d 'water from Ethiopia. In recent years he has worked on several documentaries and publications in Europe, South America, Africa and Oceania Filmography 2002 The Other Face of Egoli (The other face of Egoli) - AUDIENCE PRICE, ROME DOCFEST 2003 2003 Lipompong - CHATWIN PRIZE 2003. 2006 The Other Lazio 2007 Prayer of the miner Opal (Opal Miner's Prayer) - MIGRANT MEMORY PRIZE 2007. 2011 Third Place Tiburtino (Tiburtino Third Square). 2011 The Well - Water Voices from Ethiopia.

Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo
Mario Michelini
Paolo Barberi, Mario Michelini, Riccardo Russo
Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Andrea Ciacci, Federico Schiavi
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