TORREGLIA - Villa dei Vescovi, località Luvigliano

Extraordinary work of the sixteenth century Italian, harmoniously immersed in the nature of the Euganean Hills, House of Bishops was designed and built between 1535 and 1542 for the Bishop of Padua, Francis Pisani, like a majestic building inspired by the classical and intended to accommodate writers and artists of the learned circle of intellectuals gathered by the Bishop himself. Thanks also important cycle of frescoes by the Flemish artist Lamberto Sustris, the Villa is a perfect harmony between architecture and landscape.

Donated to the FAI in 2005 by Maria Teresa Olcese and his son Pier Paolo in memory of her husband and father Vittorio Olcese, the Villa will reopen to the public June 21, 2011 after a long work of restoration of the FAI, which will return to the community as a true masterpiece Renaissance.

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