Chiostro S. Francesco, Este, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi (ex Collegio Vescovile)

Castello Cini, Monselice,
via del Santuario, 11


SOLO in caso di pioggia:

Le proiezioni a Este di venerdì 4, domenica 6, lunedì 7, martedì 8, mercoledì 9 verranno spostate presso il Teatro dei Filodrammatici di Este a fianco del Chiostro di S. Francesco, Calle della Musica, 13, tel. 0429.51551.

Le proiezioni a Monselice di venerdì 13, sabato 14 e domenica 15 verranno spostate presso il cinema Corallo di Monselice, Via San Luigi, 1, tel. 0429.72091.


Per info:

Comune di Este, Ufficio Cultura
tel. 0429617574

Comune di Monselice, Ufficio Cultura
tel. 0429786914



Bajos las luces de tana (1) spacer spacer


by Joan Soler
Spain | 2007 | HDV | 24 min. italian subtitles by EMM
Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. The main people affected by this situation are the women, who have to put up with prevailing male chauvinism in the Madagascan society, some of them suffering abuse and being abandoned by their husbands. Without any economic resources of any kind, they survive on the streets, doing little jobs or thanks to money received from begging by them or their children; in some cases they resort to prostitution.
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Brothers (1) spacer spacer


by Isabel Grünwald
Germany/Italy | 2007 | DV | 50 min.
The unusual symbiosis of two old brothers in a world where time has stand still. Since childhood Fritz and Heiner Zuber live together in their farming house in the North of Bavaria. Neither one of them ever had a family or went away for leading an individual life. They are as different as day and night. Fritz, a retired police officer, lovingly takes care of the household. Heiner, farmer and heir to the farm, prefers to be passive and reflect on the past. Ever since they live in constant silence. But it used to be different once...
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Kesan lapsi (1) spacer spacer


by Iris Olsson
Finland | 2007 | DigiBeta | 60 min. italian subtitles by EMM
Situated just 40 miles from the Finnish border, a children's home in Russia has been practicing a form of charity where Finnish couples, families or senior citizens can offer to take care of a child during their vacation time. A form of charity between countries which have different economic situations is not at all unique in the world, but its benefits and motives are very little studied. The documentary follows the journey and emotions of Svetlana, an 11-year-old girl from the orphanage, and Tiina and Peter as they are brought together by good means. Does charity have the possibility to save
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The last day (1) spacer spacer


by Olivier Bourbeillon
France | 2006 | 35mm | 12 min. italian subtitles by EMM
On the 1st of July 2005 the Power Hammer N° 125 Schneider & Co, built in 1867 ceased its activity in the old smithy in Brest’s naval dockyards. Jean and Bernard will join another smithy and Robert will retire. Thirty years of forge… This documentary captures the perfect gestures, the work of iron warmed red, the atmosphere of the day that is not like any other.
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La minaccia (1) spacer spacer


by Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
Italy | 2007 | DvCam | 86 min.
"Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution are the biggest threaten from the the time of the Sovietic Union and communism". Doctrine for Asymmetric War Against Venezuela, U.S. Army, 2006. This is the beginning of a journey in the country which gave the start to the red wave in Latin America. Is Venezuela the dream of a growing socialist society or just another mystification of populism and dictatorship?
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La vita e altri cantieri (1) spacer spacer


by Giuseppe Schettino
Italy | 2007 | DvCam | 37 min.
A family of Italian Sinti makes a living mainly with traditional music, but after Laki, the only violinist of the U'Sinto group, converted to Christianity he had to to stop playing. Trying to reunite the group, Radames, the head of the family, will discover how Sinti traditions are changing and how uncertain the future can be. This documentary tells about conflicts between generations and cultures, fathers and sons in a unique ethnic context that is slowly disappearing.
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Senza perdere la tenerezza (1) spacer spacer


by Francesca Balbo
Italy | 2007 | DvCam | 19 min.
Sergio is a fisherman from Venice who has always made a living fishing in the lagoon, like his father and grandfather. For some years he has owned a cabin on the Giudecca island. It's a surreal place, sospended between the neighbourhood's routine and Japan, mythical place of his youth. Next to him there's the Hilton Hotel, and living together is not easy.
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Sergov (1) spacer spacer


by Danilo Caracciolo - Roberto Montanari
Italy | 2008 | DvCam | 27 min.
Sergio Govoni, aka “Sergov”, defines himself as a craftsman in "inlaid painting" and not as an artist and tells us about his life in a family of craftsmen, his loving relation with his brothers and parents and his work in the shop. But he also narrates of his inprisonment in a concentration camp in Germany, his love for mountains and his artistic consecration... in Germany. On the streets of Bologna he reveals, with unusual poetry and tenderness, his uneasiness in a world in which he no longer recognises himself and his need of looking for shelter in the lab, where he finally finds peace.
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The desert chronicles (1) spacer spacer


by Frederik Jan Depickere And Pablo Castilla
Finland | 2007 | DigiBeta | 59 min. italian subtitles by EMM
Three men, three lifestories. A Spanish constructor facing bankruptcy, a Senegalese inmigrant searching for a new beginning and a 60 years old French cowboy trying to regain his lost masculinity, face life in a desolate land in South Spain: Almeria, a forgotten region formerly known as the setting for major Western-film production. Where the echoes of the Western movies still resonate throughout kilometers of dust and silence.
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