Chiostro S. Francesco, Este, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi (ex Collegio Vescovile)

Castello Cini, Monselice,
via del Santuario, 11


SOLO in caso di pioggia:

Le proiezioni a Este di venerdì 4, domenica 6, lunedì 7, martedì 8, mercoledì 9 verranno spostate presso il Teatro dei Filodrammatici di Este a fianco del Chiostro di S. Francesco, Calle della Musica, 13, tel. 0429.51551.

Le proiezioni a Monselice di venerdì 13, sabato 14 e domenica 15 verranno spostate presso il cinema Corallo di Monselice, Via San Luigi, 1, tel. 0429.72091.


Per info:

Comune di Este, Ufficio Cultura
tel. 0429617574

Comune di Monselice, Ufficio Cultura
tel. 0429786914


International Short Films

Aufrecht stehen (1) spacer spacer


by Hannah Schweier
Germany | 2007 | DV | 30 min. italian subtitles by EMM
A world where there are no violins in the skies when two people kiss. Johann Steiner aka Joe earns his money as the loosing opponent for boxing fights. Joe sees his life as a personal war with everybody against him. That changes however when he meets Rosa one night after a fight. She too belongs to the losers but has a totally different view on life. Much more awake and active she goes through life always waiting for the one grand moment. Attracted by her energy Joe finds himself wanting to be close to her. The city that a moment ago was sad and cold now becomes an adventure and a challenge.
» see all details     date monday 7 July
Between you and me (1) spacer spacer


by Per Hanefjord
Sweden | 2007 | Beta | 20 min. italian subtitles by EMM
Is it possible to suddenly stop loving someone? If so, have you ever loved? Annie and Jonas meet in their former apartment, two weeks after their break up. Filled with hurt and memories of their past, they are drawn into a revealing conversation about the life they used to share.
» see all details     date tuesday 8 July
Ein sommer lang (1) spacer spacer


by Steffi Niederzoll
Germany | 2006 | HD | 29 min. italian subtitles by EMM
One Long Summer tells the story of Vroni who, as the summer slowly unfolds, experiences her first love in a small Bavarian village. Apart from the daily monotony of farmhouse chores and shy conversations about boys and sex that she has with her friend Gerti, Vroni finds herself drawn, again and again, to the woods, to the caravan of Ales, the young Czech puppeteer. Using a quiet visual language, with soft almost dream-like sequences, One Long Summer shows the sweet melancholy of first love and the dusty, dragging summers of childhood that seemed to be endless.
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Elvis und ich (1) spacer spacer


by Michael Sommer
Germany | 2006 | 35mm | 24 min. italian subtitles by EMM
For her 61st birthday Hermine receives the home-made performance of a double of Elvis. A dream that becomes true: years before she had met the real Elvis when he was in Germany to do his military service. Now Hermine believes he has come back for her. But her son Aaron seems to have some problems with this unlikely union.
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The factory (1) spacer spacer


by Maciej Adamek
Poland | 2006 | Beta | 30 min. italian subtitles by EMM
The protagonist of "Fabryka" [Factory] is 19-year-old Adam who accepts a temporary job at a doll-manufacturing factory to pay for his future studies. Meeting a girl working at the factory makes him take a different look at the reality. This is a story about first important decisions to be taken in life.
» see all details     date tuesday 8 July
High hopes (1) spacer spacer


by Mazdak Nassir
Finland | 2007 | DigiBeta | 14 min.
Tale about an inventor couple and their obscured vision to raise a child to fly.
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La vita di Giacomo (1) spacer spacer


by Luca Governatori
France | 2007 | 16mm | 30 min.
Summer 2006, Italy. Giacomo is completing his theological seminary. Soon, he’ll ordained priest. But during these scorching days, he’s pondering his commitment. While Giacomo is strolling the road, welcoming an encounter, the heart of the country is beating to the soccer World cup’s pace.
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Las gafas (1) spacer spacer


by Alberto García Martín
Spain | 2008 | 35mm | 13 min. italian subtitles by EMM
In a deserted place, where there hardly are traces of civilisation, two boys are talking, wrapped in their weird coats under a burning sun. They have to execute a mission for a boss they have never seen. The mission consists in reparing a pair of glasses.
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Les caffe des pecheurs (1) spacer spacer


by Al Hahi Ulad Mohand
France | 2007 | 35mm | 23 min. italian subtitles by EMM
Wintertime, Northern Morocco, the fishermen spend their time watching over their boats from the local café. Braving the weather and the harbour authorities, Monsour decides to head out to sea to bring food back for his family. His absence totally disrupts the café life...
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Passenger (1) spacer spacer


by Green Zeng
Singapore | 2006 | DV | 16 min. italian subtitles by EMM
A taxi driver picks up an old woman late in the night and joins her on an unexpected journey of remembrance and rediscovery.
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Tony zoreil (1) spacer spacer


by Valentin Potier
France | 2007 | 35mm | 20 min.
Tony is a 28 year-old single who inherited from an remarkable physical particularity. He has like the rest of his family very big ears and suffers from an extreme sensitivity to the slightest noise.
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True colours (1) spacer spacer


by Barney Elliott
UK | 2006 | 16mm | 11 min. italian subtitles by EMM
In route to the supermarket, Neil (with son Charlie) picks up his wife Sharon. It is clear Sharon is bothered by Neil's fat lip. When Neil truthfully explains his accident, due to his shady past, Sharon does not believe him. As Neil hastily obtains the basic goods for his family in the supermarket, Sharon and Charlie wait in the car. It is here that a parallel action further reveals the thoughts and feelings of the three characters i
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